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Ukrainian Security Services Stops Attack on Telecomm Systems from Russia

Members of the Ukraine’s Security Service announced that they have blocked an attack by the Russian government. According to the statement, the attack attempted to launch a “large-scale” cyber-attack on the Ukrainian Judicial Authority’s information and telecommunication systems.  The attack was launched through a spear-phishing campaign using emails containing a document disguised as an accounting document.  The document contained a currently-unspecified malware which was found to be attempting to communicate with a command and control server which is located within Russia.  Given the current situation between Russia and Ukraine, it is not surprising that Russia would attempt to disrupt Ukrainian government operations.

Analyst Notes

It is possible that the Judicial Administration was targeted in the hopes that disrupting their operations could hinder state security and order, making it harder for the Ukrainian government to maintain order while also attempting to maintain control over the parts of the Crimean Peninsula that Russia has not yet moved into.