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University of Connecticut Health is Warning Individuals of a Potential Data Breach

Almost 326,000 people possibly had their information exposed in a data breach that is believed to have occurred in late December. Unauthorized access to a few employee emails allowed for the breach of information to happen. Information such as names, DOB, addresses, billing info, appointment info, and even 1,500 SSN’s were all able to be accessed. At this time, no known malicious activity has taken place in connection to this information being leaked but that does not mean there isn’t a possibility of it happening. A representative of the health firm stated, “At this point, we are not aware of any fraud or identity theft to any individual as a result of this incident, and do not know if any personal information was ever viewed or acquired by the unauthorized party. Nevertheless, because we cannot isolate exactly what, if any, information may have been accessed, we notified individuals whose information was in the impacted accounts.”

Analyst Notes

Users who may have possibly had their Social Security numbers accessed should take advantage of the free identity theft protection monitoring provided by UCH. Users should also regularly monitory their credit card reports, bank account statements and health benefit statements for suspicious activity.