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US Carries out Cyber-Aattack Against Iran

United States: In retaliation to Iran shooting down a US Drone last week, the United States responded by using cyber-activity rather than a physical attack. According to many news outlets, the US Cyber Command targeted the computer systems of the Iranian military and/or intelligence sectors of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps, which was previously designated as a terrorist group by President Trump. This cyber-attack came after the President put out a statement stating that he called off a physical attack in retaliation for the initial attack on the US drone by Iran. Little information about the logistics of this attack by the US has yet to be released and the White House did not comment on the attack. Iranian officials have called the attack an act of cyber-terrorism against them. There have been reports in the past that the US has had plans to carry out cyber-attacks against Iran and although those plans were shelved, it does not mean the United States has not revisited those plans or ideas.

Analyst Notes

With attacks from Iran on cyber entities becoming more prominent and the reports last week about the Iranian phishing campaign, it is important that employees remain vigilant in their efforts to deter cyber-attacks. It is probable that Iran will continue to target US government and private sector entities, puttmaking civilian companies at as much risk for an attack as the government.