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Users Claiming to be Al Qaeda Hacking Crew

A new group may be jumping onto the OpIsrael/OpFreePalestine bandwagon.  A user has begun posting online claiming to be a group called AlQaedaSec who has made a number of threats against Israel, as well as those who support Israel.  Included in their list of groups that they are upset with was Walmart, however they did not elaborate on how Walmart was tied into their grievances.  While the group did a number of things in their post to try to come across as a serious group, they chose to end their post by taking a page out of Anonymous’ playbook but adapted it to Al Qaeda and threatened “747’s,” which took away from any seriousness readers may have given them.

Analyst Notes

While they may very well be serious about attempting to launch cyber-attacks, it is unlikely that they are actually tied to Al Qaeda in any way.