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“Vote Joe’ Website Defaced by Turkish Hackers

A website set up by the Joe Biden Campaign has been targeted and defaced by a Turkish hacker. The hackers, which claimed the breach and defacement of the website, named themselves in the defacement as RootAyyildiz. The website set up by the Biden campaign would redirect to the iwillvote[.]com, but after the elections, the website appeared to be defaced. The website defacement lasted for over 24 hours before the website was taken down. Despite multiple aliases listed on the defacement, the attackers claim not to be an organized group and call themselves “Homeland Lovers.” Another message on the defacement stated that US parties need to stop trying to influence politics in Turkey. The security flaw that gave the attackers access to the website is currently unknown.

Analyst Notes

Since Joe Biden has been named the President-elect, it is understandable why they would choose a website that may be visited by others. Turkish hackers have had a track record of defacing many different websites, including other political websites, in attempts to get their political propaganda across. Though website defacements are on the lower end of cyber-crime, many groups will turn to it for attention if they have no other means of making news. Website defacements are commonly used to spread propaganda or show disagreement with situations that are happening around the world. Many times, after a website defacement, the original content can be restored from a backup with no lingering issues. It is important to review the web server’s log files to determine how the attackers gained access and apply any needed security patches to close the vulnerability so that it does not happen again.

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