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Windows 10 has Update Issue Again

Windows 10 is used by nearly 400 million people worldwide, but lately it’s almost become a trend to hear something negative about it. Since its update in October, 1809 has caused issues in multiple ways–especially with third-party software. An issue with anti-malware solution Morphisec–an application that utilizes Morphisec Software Development Kit (SDK), which includes Cisco’s AMP for endpoints, is causing users to not be able to save Office documents on their computer. Microsoft is currently working with Cisco and Morphisec to develop a solution  for this ongoing issue. Similarly, last week Apple and Microsoft had to come to a resolution over issues with 1809 and iCloud.

Analyst Notes

In a situation like this, the only plausible solution would be to uninstall the software and wait for an updated version of the flawed software to be released for users to be able to re-install.