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YellowVests Brings Changes to Anonymous Operations

Since the start of protests in France, Anonymous has been heavily supporting the protesters who have been identifying themselves as the Yellow Vests.  Early support for the protests came with the ongoing Anonymous operations OpIcarus and DeleteTheElite.  As protests and attacks continued, the group began pushing the idea of OpFrance to target the French government and then moved onto the idea of calling for actions in the name of OpGlobalAwakening with the start of protests in Greece this upcoming weekend.  While all of these individual operations are still ongoing, they have all taken a combined life as YellowVests.  Over the evening, a target list was released to members of Anonymous in support of the OpIcarus portion of YellowVests.  This target list included U.S. Federal Reserve Banks, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, 157 central banks around the world, and the ten largest banks in the world.  This list was released shortly after brief DDoS attacks were launched on the Central Bank of Italy and the Reserve Bank of Australia as part of OpIcarus.  Around that same time, a short-lived attack was launched as part of YellowVests against Boeing’s website for the part they play in the production of military hardware being used by major nations around the globe.  Now Anonymous is calling for a sharp increase in attacks on December 15th against France.  It has been some time since we have seen this level of support globally for an operation by Anonymous.

Analyst Notes

This success is likely stemming from the fact that many who support Anonymous already feel oppressed by governments around the world, so the idea of YellowVests trying to take that power back is an idea that appeals to many within the hacktivist collective.