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ZOLL Medical Reports Data Breach

Personal information of 277,319 medical patients was revealed through a data breach of ZOLL Medical. ZOLL is a company that manufactures medical devices and software with its headquarters in Massachusetts. A third-party service archives their emails and ZOLL verified on Monday that personal information of cliental was included in the email communications. The release of the information is believed to have come from a server migration that happened recently. ZOLL has not commented whether or not the instance was inadvertent or because of a hack but they did release a statement on the matter, “At this point, Zoll is not aware of any fraud or identity theft to any individual as a result of this exposure. The vendor has since confirmed that all information has now been secured.” Patients’ names, addresses, DOB, and a small amount of medical information was included in the breach. A limited number of patients also had the Social Security number released.

Analyst Notes

Users should determine what information of theirs was stolen. From there, all affected passwords should be changed. All relevant financial institutions should also be contacted as well as credit bureaus. Credit and Identity monitoring services should also be used in an event of this nature.