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Zoom Adds Automatic Updates to Windows and macOS

The Zoom communication platform has announced the release of automatic updates for their Windows and macOS desktop clients. The Linux platform is not currently supported. According to Zoom, “For most individual users, automatic updates will be enabled by default. When enabled, users will have the opportunity to opt-out of automatic updates for their desktop client after the first install or first update where this feature is present.” If a user opts-out of this feature, updates can still be installed manually. Previously, automatic updates were available to enterprise clients, but this release expands the ability to receive automatic updates to those not part of an enterprise license.

Analyst Notes

At the beginning of the pandemic, when many people began using Zoom to communicate with work and family, attackers were exploiting flaws in Zoom security. Zoom previously added two-factor authentication (2FA) support to all accounts, end-to-end encryption (E2EE), and security enhancements to stop zoom bombing attacks. Automatic updates should also assist in preventing attackers from exploiting flaws in Zoom clients. Even though this new feature is for users not part of an enterprise license, organizations should ensure this feature is enabled on all accounts, including personal accounts being used on the corporate network, to prevent an attacker from being able to exploit vulnerabilities.