Binary Defense Overview

Real people detecting real threats in real time, every second of every minute of every day, protecting your data, your brand, and your people.

Built from the minds of the industry’s top security researchers and continuously evolving to detect next-generation threats, Binary Defense is your company’s security solution.

Endpoint Detection & Response

With the Binary Defense Vision Platform, our security team will protect your business through continuously collecting, recording, and storing endpoint data giving you surveillance-like visibility you can use to investigate past incidents or proactively hunt for threats lurking in your networks. Every threat — from the common to the sophisticated — swiftly identified and isolated by our dynamic endpoint services.


Binary Defense offers fully managed 24x7x365 monitoring and detection services for organizations seeking the ability to proactively defend against attacks. Our approach is unique in that we actively profile how attackers work through the entire lifecycle of an attack in order to identify virtually every aspect of a hack.


Our Counterintelligence Team gathers information and conducts operations to identify threats to an organization so that they can better protect against malicious activity. We accomplish this by combining advanced technology with skilled and experienced intelligence specialists.