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Breaking Barriers: Making Deception Attainable


Explore Managed Deception and its role in enhancing threat detection and response. This session will cover why deception works, introduce the concept of Managed Deception, and explain why it should be part of any comprehensive Detection and Response strategy. We will also explore why deception should be considered when evaluating the maturity of your Managed Detection & Response provider. Attendees will gain practical insights and real-world examples of how Managed Deception can bring direct insights into attacker behaviors that help your detection and response efficacy and build cyber resilience. 

What We’re Covering:

  • Why Deception Works 
    • Explanation of deception technology and its history and role  
    • Benefits of using deception to detect and disrupt adversaries 
  • Deception Technology Challenges 
    • Why Deception Tech hasn’t become ubiquitous 
    • Deception’s high barrier of entry
  • Managed Deception and Managed Detection and Response  
    • What is Managed Deception 
    • How Managed Deception fits within a comprehensive MDR strategy 
    • Why Managed Deception matters when picking an MDR providers 
    • How Binary Defense has lowered the barrier of entry to deception with managed deception 
    • Case studies showing the transformative impact of deception on detection and response efficacy