Latest Threat Research: LetMeowIn – Analysis of a Credential Dumper

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How Digital Risk Protection Keeps You One Step Ahead of Attackers

Often an overlooked component of cybersecurity, digital risk protection services monitor web activity to protect your business, brand, and employees from digital and physical threats. Digital Risk Protection works by scraping the surface web, dark web, social media, and more for mentions of your company or persons of interest. Any suspicious mentions that are found are then analyzed by our Counterintelligence team to gauge risk, identify potential attacks, and investigate threats to prevent an attack from happening.  

In this panel discussion, Jake Aurand and Garrett Thompson from our Counterintelligence team will: 

  • Discuss what Digital Risk Protection is 
  • Explain how it is used to prevent real world attacks, and 
  • Share some examples of how we have helped clients protect their business from threats. 

About the Presenter

Jake Aurand and Garrett Thompson

Counterintelligence Experts