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Navigating Password Manager Breaches and Risks

Password managers continue to gain popularity by centralizing and enforcing strong password complexity. With credential stuffing and harvesting of user credentials being among the most common methods used by attackers, password managers provide an alternative for both individuals and corporations to add an additional layer of protection against password re-use, while maintaining accessibility. Recently, there have been several attacks – and breaches – related to password managers. 

In this webinar, Dave Kennedy, Chief Hacking Officer, and Joe McMann, Head of Cyber Services, will cover: 

  • The risks associated with password managers, and whether they’re still considered the gold standard for password protection 
  • What happened with LastPass and other password manager attacks, including proactive measures users can take if they’ve been affected 
  • What individuals and organizations can do to protect themselves against these attacks and ensure appropriate levels of protection around passwords and password strategies 

About the Presenter

Dave Kennedy & Joe McMann

Dave Kennedy: 

Dave Kennedy is a Co-Founder and the Chief Hacking Officer at Binary Defense and Founder and Chief Hacking Officer of TrustedSec. Named one of the Top 10 IT Security Influencers in the World by CISO Platform, Dave has more than 15 years of experience in the security industry. 

Dave previously worked as Chief Security Officer for Diebold Incorporated, an international Fortune 1000 company, where he developed a global security program that handled all aspects of information security and risk management. Before his work in the private sector, Dave served in the United States Marine Corps including two tours in Iraq. He specialized in cyber warfare and forensics analysis activities for the U.S. intelligence community. 


Joe McMann: 

As Binary Defense Head of Cyber Services, Joe McMann leads the Cyber Services division to expand Binary Defense’s capabilities and help clients improve their cybersecurity posture.  

Joe is an enterprise defender at heart, with 15+ years supporting the mission of helping organizations defend their enterprise and secure their business. Building security programs for some of the largest companies across the world has given him a global perspective and insights into the challenges of security at scale, but Joe also remains passionate about front-line cybersecurity operations.