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Ransomware Protection: Insider Tips From Threat Intelligence

According to the 2021 IBM Ponemon Cost of a Data Breach Report, ransomware and destructive malware breaches ($4.52 million USD) cost more than the average malicious attack ($3.86 million USD). A ransomware attack can result in down time for your business, loss of data, as well as compromised intellectual property and other confidential information. As these attacks rise, it’s important to learn more about the ways threat actors and ransomware gangs target businesses and the ways you can defend against these cyberattacks.  

Ransomware gangs were thrust into mainstream media and became the focus of the US government following high-profile attacks that occurred early in 2021. What does the ransomware landscape look like today? How have groups adapted to increased global pressure from government administrations and law enforcement agencies? Have attacks increased or decreased, and who are ransomware groups targeting? And how does this impact your organization? 

Join us for a special Cybersecurity Awareness Month webinar. Patrick Wallenhorst, Binary Defense Intelligence Operations Lead, will discuss ransomware trends and the importance of guarding your business. 

Also covered in this webinar: 

  • Current view of today’s ransomware landscape  
  • Examples of recent ransomware attacks 
  • How ransomware groups operate 
  • How cybersecurity solutions such as MDR can protect keep organizations protected 

About the Presenter

Patrick Wallenhorst

Patrick Wallenhorst is the Intelligence Operations Lead at Binary Defense. In this role, he is responsible for understanding current cyber threat actor operations around the world and for monitoring darknet criminal forums for today’s threat trends. Patrick previously served in the United States Army as an Intelligence Officer and Army Counterintelligence Agent.