Counterintelligence for Schools

The U.S. tends to be a nation conditioned to respond to incidents after-the-fact. No greater example of this is represented than in the lack of preparedness to the Parkland, Florida school shooting. What can you do?

What you can do today – right now – is enable your K-12 and higher education districts to proactively address incidents like Parkland before they become incidents.

Who we are:

Binary Defense is a Cybersecurity partner – we protect your data, your brand, and your people. The way we do so is through our 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) which is essential to all of our offerings.

What we offer:

Binary Defense will partner with your school district to proactively apply our Counterintelligence resources with a formal plan to mitigate threats and the chances of a similar situation in your schools.

How we do it:

  • The Binary Defense Indications and Warning Team will provide constant monitoring of cyber-based threats that have the potential for harm within your school’s geographic location.
    • We monitor and analyze the darknet, social media, and the internet for anomalous human behavior.
    • Monitoring includes manual and automated scraping of school related phrases referencing your school in conjunction with threat indicators including shooting, bomb, threat of suicide, etc.
  • The Binary Defense Research Team leverages our proprietary correlation engine combined with human monitoring to investigate new threats across the digital landscape, allowing for the fastest possible proactive protection.
    • When an indicator is flagged, an investigation begins immediately. If the information gathered would lead to an escalated threat, that information would be shared with authorities and your district’s critical points of contact and escalated immediately in the form of an Intelligence Brief.
    • If the information gathered proved to NOT be an active threat, it would still be included in a report shared with your district’s points of contact, as well as kept on our active watch list to monitor for threat escalation.

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