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Phishing Response

Reduce Phishing Risk and Improve Your Security Posture

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Security Lock for IT

Enhance Your Phishing Controls

Detect and mitigate cyber-attacks earlier in the attack lifecycle

Reduce the risk of malicious emails reaching your users.

Reduce the MTTR when a malicious email does reach your users.

Improve security posture with continually updated detections and security control recommendations.

Gain a proactive security strategy through intelligence correlation and hunting operations.

How Phishing Response Works:

A single phishing email contains valuable intelligence about the tactics and techniques used by threat actors. Our phishing response service performs full-scope investigations of phishing events in your environment and actions the intelligence gained to build better detections and enhance your existing security controls.

Investigation & Analysis:

Dedicated phishing analysts in our Security Operations Center investigate submitted phishing emails from your users or email protection platforms. Throughout the course of the investigation our analysts identify the tactics, techniques, and procedures leveraged in the attempted attack while documenting their investigative process and findings

Threat Hunting:

The intelligence gathered through the investigation is actioned by our analysts through a hunting exercise in your environment. The analysts take the indicators of compromise identified through the analysis of the phishing email, as well as any additional indicators identified through intelligence correlation, and hunt through your environment to detect other potentially successful attacks

Tactical and Strategic Actions:

When the investigation and threat hunt is complete, analysts provide both tactical and strategic recommendations designed to help you reduce risk and improve your security controls and detection capabilities. You can expect new or tuned detections, mitigation suggestions, and remediation guidance.

Metrics that Matter:

We’ll regularly provide you with metrics that are important to understand your security posture and risks. These include the most targeted users in your organization; the types of attacks you’re being targeted by; where attacks align on the Cyber Kill Chain and MITRE ATT&CK frameworks; and trends over time so you can see how our tactical and strategic recommendations drive security maturity.

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Reduce your time to detect a cyberattack

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