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Download the Data Sheet
SIEM Front
Download the Data Sheet
Download the Data Sheet

Binary Defense integration specialists will design, maintain, and/or architect a solution that exceeds your security needs.

We are technology-agnostic, which means we are never obsolete and always ahead of the game. Our team can implement a new Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) and manage every aspect or take over and ensure your SIEM infrastructure is running and managed appropriately.

SIEM Management:

  • Analysis of suspicious behavioral patterns
  • Deliver day-one detection
  • Off-loads IT teams

SIEM Tuning:

  • Analytic tuning, review, and validation
  • Review incoming log sources to the SIEM
  • SIEM health check

SIEM Monitoring:

  • Dedicated security engineer
  • Monitor your SIEM 24/7 via our SOC
  • Identify vulnerabilities