Phishing Financial Firms is Big Business

Cyberattacks on financial institutions in the US occur at the staggering rate of approximately 30 times per second. The reality is while major news outlets report on wide-scale breaches such as the 143 million US resident records accessed in the Equifax breach, countless other successful breaches happen daily that don’t earn national headlines. Information security […]

Social Media: The Overlooked Critical Infrastructure of Chinese Manufacturing

It is no doubt that social media has a hold on people around the world, but it has an especially mesmerizing effect on the factory workers of China’s migrant manufacturing towns.  In a number of formerly rural communities, China has set up large manufacturing towns which have begun to fill with migrants from the countryside […]

$150,000 Stolen from Cryptocurrency Wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets are currently being targeted by the CryptoShuffler Trojan. It is unclear who is behind the attack, however, $150,000 of Dash, Monero, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Zcash has been stolen. CryptoShuffler has been around since 2016 while the latest campaign surfaced this past June. The Trojan goes after infected devices and will not display a […]

Petya Ransomware Without The Fluff

When WannaCry hit, the news sent shivers down the world. Reports of hospital outages and super secret tools used by the NSA (Equation Group) that could hack into any version of Windows was released to the public. During this period of time, the community warned of more waves were soon to come. This started yesterday […]