Counterintelligence Team

Counterintelligence Team
The counterintelligence team gathers information and conducts operations to protect against malicious activity. We accomplish this by mixing technology with skilled intelligence specialist.
After the information comes in from our automated scrapers and eyes on the glass monitoring we compile the information, analyze, determine the level of threat and then escalation the finalized intelligence report to the client.
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Indications and Warnings Team
The indications and warnings team provide 24×7 monitoring of any threats on the Clearnet or the Darknet that could affect our clients.

Our team of dedicated intelligence specialists research and analyze threat indicators provided by our internal scraping system, HAL, constantly to ensure timely reporting of threats in detailed reports to allow our clients to get ahead of threats to their organization as early as possible.

The indications and warning team works closely with both the Operations team as well as our in-house researchers to ensure that our clients are provided with the most detailed information from the widest number of sources available.

Our intelligence specialists monitor for physical, cyber, and public image threats to not only our clients but the industries that they operate in as well and will continue to monitor the threat throughout the event until it has been resolved or has changed and requires re-evaluation.

The indications and warnings team have a proven track record of successfully identifying threats online to include postings from employees which exposed details of internal servers, online postings which directly threatened the physical safety of employees, and online users who had publicly posted the details of active vulnerabilities on externally facing systems, and many more.

Operations Team
Our intelligence operations team conducts clandestine operations online to collect information which is then fused into intelligence which allows Binary Defense to keep their fingers constantly on the pulse of security threats throughout the world.
Once identifying a potential threat our intelligence specialists tailor intelligence operations and shadow accounts to allow them to infiltrate threat actor organizations or to make contact with those who have first and secondhand knowledge of threat actor plans, tools, and operations.
The operations department then analyzes the information they collect along with all other available intelligence which they then share with the indications and warnings team whenever necessary to provide quick notification to any clients which could be affected, when new tools are collected from contacts made online they are instantly passed to our in-house researchers for analysis.
Through the contacts that our operations team have made Binary Defense has successfully obtained target lists which directly impacted a number of Binary Defense’s clients. These clients were worked with immediately and assisted in preparing for the eminent attacks which allowed them to be back online and fully operational nearly instantly after the attack began causing a negligible loss of production time and revenue.
Research Team
Every day the research team is on the lookout for new threats. Whether a new type of ransomware is spreading fast or new tools and malware are found online by HAL and the other teams we are always looking into how these threats work. When a new tool or piece of malware is found, we start by finding any information we can about it online.
If there is no readily available information we begin dissecting it while also providing new signatures to the Vision team. This allows us to keep customers protected as fast as possible while allowing time to understand how it works and finding any other steps necessary to protect against the threat. Once fully understood, all the information is added into a whitepaper which can then be viewed from the TWO portal.
HAL can be thought of as the brains behind the Counterintelligence team. Its main purpose is to scrape dark and clearnet sites 24×7 to provide new information to all teams within Counterintelligence. Searching for any occurrences of a client or industry mention coupled with a specially created malicious keyword list and machine learning, HAL can then decide whether to create a ticket on behalf of the team.
Counterintelligence Team
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Counterintelligence Team
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The counterintelligence team gathers information and conducts operations to protect against malicious activity. We accomplish this by mixing technology with skilled intelligence specialist.




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