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Witchetty Group Uses Steganography to Hide Backdoor in Windows Logo

Security researchers at Symantec have discovered a new campaign by the threat actor know as Witchetty. In this campaign, the threat actor employed several new …

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Lazarus Attackers Drop macOS Malware via Job Offers

The North Korean Lazarus hacking group is now using fake ‘’ job offers to hack developers and artists in the crypto space, likely with a long-term goal of stealing digital …

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PowerPoint Documents being Leveraged for Mouseover Malware Attack

Researchers at Cluster25 have identified a new campaign that is using a new code execution technique that relies on mouse movement. The campaign leverages a PowerPoint document and requires the …

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NullMixer Campaign Using SEO Poisoning to Drop Over a Dozen Malicious Binaries

On Monday, researchers at Kaspersky announced the discovery of a malware called NullMixer being distributed via websites pretending to host cracked software. NullMixer primarily works as a dropper, dropping over …

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New Malware-as-a-Service: Erbium

Researchers on the Cluster25 Intel Team have reported on a new strain of stealer malware available for purchase with a recurring subscription on Russian hacking forums. The operators behind Erbium …

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Four High Severity BIND Flaws Receive Patches

According to the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), the BIND DNS software has received patches for six different remotely exploitable vulnerabilities. Out of the six that were patched, four were considered …

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Security Service of Ukraine Arrests Cyber Gang for Selling Data of 30 million People

Ukrainian law enforcement officials announced that they had shut down a hacking group based in the city of Lviv. The group was acting on behalf of Russian interests. The gang made a …

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LockBit Builder Leaked Online

The LockBit ransomware builder (version 3.0) has been leaked online, allegedly by its angry developers. It is suspected that two people (or the same person) leaked the 3.0 builder (also …

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New “Metador” Threat Group Identified

According to researchers at SentinelLabs, a new threat group was identified while researching an attack on a high value target that had been infiltrated by more than ten threat actors. …

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