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Codecov Breach Being Compared to SolarWinds Attack

The software auditing tool provider Codecov recently disclosed a data breach. Now it’s being reported that an unknown number of their clients, possibly thousands, have …

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Rowhammer Attacks Are Back on Stage

Researchers at Sopho’s have observed a sort of reboot to a classic, mostly theoretical, attack named Rowhammer. This attack involves repeatedly attack a specific address in memory enough to affect …

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Multiple Sanctions Brought Down Against Russian-backed Organizations and Agencies

In response to the SolarWinds supply attack, the U.S. government issued sanctions against Russia. In the order, clear attribution was made, stating that teams in the Russian SVR were responsible …

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Celsius Cryptocurrency Breach

The cryptocurrency rewards program platform Celsius network has disclosed a security breach that led to customer information being exposed. Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky stated that a third-party marketing server was …

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NFT Site Rarible Targeted in Typosquatting Campaign

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have become extremely popular as of late and have been making people a lot of money. Quite simply, NFTs are digital comps or artwork and other original …

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HackBoss Cryptocurrency Malware Being Distributed Through Telegram

According to researchers at Avast Security, a new campaign has been targeting people who are looking for hacking tools on Telegram channels. The HackBoss cryptocurrency malware has been using fake …

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Operation to Remove Exchange Webshells Announced by Department of Justice

To mitigate the damage from the rapid exploitation of the ProxyLogon vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange servers, the FBI conducted a court-approved operation to remove webshells left by one of the …

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Researcher Discovers Kubernetes Denial of Service Vulnerability

CVE-2021-20291 was discovered earlier this month by Aviv Sasson. This effort was part of a security audit surveying multiple Go libraries that Kubernetes relies on to function. This vulnerability lies …

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Compromised Exchange Servers Were Used to Host Payloads to Hack Other Exchange Servers

While many threat actors attempted to take advantage of the recent ProxyLogon Exchange vulnerabilities to deploy ransomware, some went in another direction. A Sophos report released Tuesday details an attack …

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