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GravityRAT Returns, Targeting Android Devices

Researchers at Kaspersky Labs published a technical report about Microsoft Windows malware known as GravityRAT that was previously seen in 2017 and 2018 targeting the …

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‘Network Access’ Sold on Hacker Forums Estimated at $500,000 in September 2020

Cyber security firm KELA published a report stating it indexed 108 network access listings on popular hacking forums. The estimated total value of all the advertised access is around $500,000 …

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New Financially Motivated Threat Actors Sharing TTPs

In a recent report, FireEye’s Mandiant publicly announced the identification of a new financially motivated threat group dubbed FIN11. The most notable characteristic of FIN11 is its overlap with activity …

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SonicWall VPN Vulnerability Could Lead To Remote Code Execution

Researchers with Tripwire’s VERT have identified a buffer-overflow in SonicWall’s Network Security Appliance, allowing for persistent denial of service. This flaw can be triggered using a custom formatted protocol header …

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Microsoft October Patch Tuesday

For this month’s Patch Tuesday, Microsoft took care of 87 vulnerabilities that varied in severity and the product they affected. Two of the more serious vulnerabilities are CVE-2020-16898 and CVE-2020-16947. …

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BleedingTooth Bluetooth Flaw

Google has released details of a high-impact security flaw that affects the Bluetooth stack in the Linux kernel versions below 5.9 that support BlueZ. The flaw, tracked as CVE-2020-12351, is …

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Russian Actors Accused of Stealing Email from Parliament of Norway

Norwegian officials have speculated that members of Parliament fell victim to a cyber-attack. They believe the attack was carried out by Russian state-sponsored threat actors. The attack was used to …

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