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Killnet Targets German Entities with DDoS Attacks

Various German airports, public administration bodies, and financial sector organizations were targeted in a widescale DDoS campaign. According to the Federal Cyber Security Authority (BSI), …

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Chinese Cybercrime Group Using Golang Code Interpreter to Evade Detection

According to researchers at SentinelLabs, a Chinese threat actor tracked as DragonSpark has been stealing sensitive data from compromised systems around East Asia. The main access vector for the threat …

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Ad Fraud Campaign Targeted Over 11 Million Devices

Researchers stopped an “expansive” ad fraud campaign that spoofed over 1,700 applications from 120 publishers and impacted about 11 million devices. “VASTFLUX was a malvertising attack that injected malicious JavaScript …

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FanDuel Warns of Data Breach After Customer Info Stolen in Vendor Hack

The FanDuel sportsbook and betting site is warning customers that their names and email addresses were exposed in a January 2023 MailChimp security breach, urging users to remain vigilant against phishing emails. On …

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Canadian Energy Provider Qulliq Suffers Data Breach

A cyberattack at Qulliq Energy Corporation (QEC) in Canada’s Nunavut territory has left the company limited in its operations. The attack is believed to have begun on January 15th and …

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New ‘Hook’ Android Malware Lets Hackers Remotely Control Devices

A new Android malware named ‘Hook’ is being sold by cybercriminals, boasting it can remotely take over mobile devices in real-time using VNC (virtual network computing). The new malware is …

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T-Mobile Reports Another Data breach

The wireless carrier T-Mobile has reported another data breach, this time affecting approximately 37 million customers. According to the disclosure the company filed with the SEC, the company believes a …

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New Boldmove Malware Used to Backdoor Fortinet Devices

A new custom Windows and Linux malware dubbed “BOLDMOVE” was used to exploit a recently disclosed vulnerability in FortiOS SSL-VPN. The vulnerability was fixed in November and then disclosed by …

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Ukraine Links Data-Wiping Attack on New Agency to Russian Hackers

The Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine (CERT-UA) has linked a destructive malware attack targeting the country’s national news agency (Ukrinform) to Sandworm Russian military hackers. CERT-U says the cyberattack was likely …

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