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Fake Domains Offer Windows 11 Installers – But Deliver Malware Instead

Security researchers have found a new collection of phishing domains offering up fake Windows 11 installers that deliver information-stealing malware. Cybersecurity firm Zscaler said that newly registered …

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Researchers Detail Additional Campaigns Employing sqlps.exe LOLBIN

Researchers from Microsoft Security Intelligence recently reported on continued use of the sqlps.exe Living Off the Land Binary (LOLBIN) technique in recent attacks. The use of sqlps.exe, installed by default …

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HTML Files Still One of the Most Popular Attachments Used for Phishing

According to researchers at Kaspersky, statistical data is showing that the use of HTML files within phishing emails is still very prominent. The company detected over two million emails with …

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Hackers Target Tatsu WordPress Plugin in Millions of Attacks

Exploitation of CVE-2021-25094, a remote code execution vulnerability in the popular Tatsu Builder plugin for WordPress, has seen a heavy increase in exploitation in the wild. A large wave of …

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Ransomware Designer Charged for Use and Sale of Ransomware

A criminal complaint was unsealed today charging Moises Luis Zagala Gonzalez (Zagala), also known as “Nosophoros,” “Aesculapius” and “Nebuchadnezzar,” a citizen of France and Venezuela who resides in Venezuela, with …

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Researchers Warn of APTs, Data Leaks as Serious Threats Against UK Financial Sector

Researchers say that geopolitical tension, ransomware, and cyberattacks using stolen credentials threaten the UK’s financial sector. On Monday, KELA’s security team published a report examining the cybersecurity issues and attacks …

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Europe Agrees to Adopt New NIS2 Directive Aimed at Hardening Cybersecurity

The European Union (EU) has taken preliminary steps to protect both public and private organizations from cyber-attacks. The new directive, called “NIS2” (short for network and information systems), updates previous …

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Researchers Find Vulnerability Allowing iOS Malware Operation While Phone is Off

Researchers from the Secure Mobile Networking Lab at the Technical University of Darmstadt have created a Proof of Concept (POC) attack for loading malware onto the Bluetooth chip of an …

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DEA Investigating Breach of Law Enforcement Data Portal

On May 8th, researchers at KrebsOnSecurity discovered that hackers may have gained unauthorized access to a US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) portal that taps into 16 different federal law enforcement …

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