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Justice Department Officials Urge Congress to Pass Ransomware Notification Law

The US Senate Judiciary Committee convened a hearing to discuss the growing threat of ransomware. US Justice department officials strongly supported legislation requiring companies to …

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Mac Malware Stealing Data from Non-Sandboxed Apps

XCSSET, classified as an ongoing malware campaign by Trend Micro, is targeting MacOS users’ information by infecting Xcode projects. The most recent campaign has been spotted targeting Google Chrome and …

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Microsoft Recommends Disabling NTLM to Prevent Domain Takeover From PetitPotam Attack

Security researcher Gilles Lionel recently shared technical details and a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) of an attack implementation that abuses a flaw in the Microsoft Encrypting File System Remote Protocol (MS-EFSRPC) to …

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UK firearms trading site had its SQL database stolen and in turn posted to RaidForums earlier this week. The database included details from around 111,000 users who were active …

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Disclosed Vulnerability in Ubuntu Snapcraft Allows Remote Code Execution

Amy Burnett (itzn), working responsibility in conjunction with the Ubuntu Security Team, has released her report and Proof of Concept (POC) on CVE-2020-27348.  The bug in Ubuntu’s widespread and embedded …

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Ransomware: Kaseya Says it Has Now Got the REvil Decryption Key- and it Works

On July 22, Kaseya announced they had received the decryption key for REvil ransomware 20 days after the group launched an attack on the systems of companies that used Kaseya’s …

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Ransomware Group Breached CNA’s Network via Fake Browser Update

Leading US insurance company CNA Financial has provided a glimpse into how Phoenix CryptoLocker operators breached its network, stole data and deployed ransomware payloads in a ransomware attack that hit …

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NIST Releases Security Minimums for Developers

Pursuant to the United States’ Executive Order (EO) 14028, Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released its new document with recommendations for software …

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Large Amount of Information Left Unsecured and Affects US Cities

A large cache of information left unprotected and affecting many US Municipalities has been discovered by the ethical hacking team at WizCase. The common denominator was software provided by PeopleGIS …

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