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Codecov Breach Being Compared to SolarWinds Attack

The software auditing tool provider Codecov recently disclosed a data breach. Now it’s being reported that an unknown number of their clients, possibly thousands, have …

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Bancor Cryptocurrency Exchange Hack

Israeli-based cryptocurrency exchange Bancor has disclosed that they have suffered a cyber-attack which resulted in the loss of approximately $13.5 million USD.  The attack nearly resulted in the loss of …

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Timehop Breach Exposes 21 Million Users

The social media reminiscing platform, Timehop, revealed yesterday that an attacker had accessed an internal database on their cloud on July 4th, and stole personal data on 21 million users. …

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Domain Factory Data Breach

German hosting provider, Domain Factory, has recently suffered a data breach. The breach took place earlier this year on January 28th 2018, and included customer names, physical addresses, birthdates, phone …

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Macy’s Ecommerce Site Breached

The retail firm, Macy’s, announced yesterday that the company’s ecommerce site was accessed by an unauthorized third party from “an outside source.” The hacker had used valid usernames and passwords …

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Anonymous (OpIcarus)

Anonymous has carried out another attack for their OpIcarus campaign. This time, the group has taken down the Central Bank of the Bahamas. In a posting, the group stated that …

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Marketing Firm Exposes Personal Information of 230 Million

The marketing firm Exactis, one of many “shadowy operations” that collect, collate, and trade consumers’ data for ad-targeting purposes left their information exposed on a publicly-accessible server. A security researcher …

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PROPagate Code Injection Seen for the First Time

Researchers have seen that attackers are deploying PROPagate code injection for the first time in live malware campaigns. First seen in November 2017, researchers had seen that attackers could abuse …

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AsiaHitGroup is Back

The Asian hacking gang, AsiaHitGroup, has returned with another billing-fraud campaign. The group, which has been active since 2016, is responsible for multiple billing-fraud campaigns that have been used in …

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