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Codecov Breach Being Compared to SolarWinds Attack

The software auditing tool provider Codecov recently disclosed a data breach. Now it’s being reported that an unknown number of their clients, possibly thousands, have …

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IcedID Malware Ramping Up

Following the takedown of Emotet, a hole was left in the malspam-as-a-service cybercrime ecosystem. IcedID, a well-known banking trojan used by multiple distinct threat groups, now seems primed to fill …

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Risk and Compliance Company LogicGate Suffers Data Breach

Some information has finally been released regarding a breach of LogicGate that occurred back in February. Until this week, the company had only disclosed the information to their customers who …

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Multiple Tasmania Casinos Affected in Ransomware Attack

Two out of the four casinos that are located on the Australian island of Tasmania have been affected by a ransomware attack. The attack targeted the sole casino operator in …

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Microsoft Exchange Server Vulnerabilities, Patch Now

Microsoft has released a security update for the Exchange Server that addresses four vulnerabilities with severity scores ranging from high to critical. All the security flaws lead to remote code …

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Microsoft Security Intelligence Identifies Surge of IcedID Campaigns Leading to Cobalt Strike

Recently, Microsoft has announced that they identified a cybercrime operation leveraging multiple methods to infect employee workstations with IcedID malware. The methods include a modified Zoom “standalone” installation that embeds …

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Ransomware Attack Caused Cheese Shortage at Supermarket Chains in the Netherlands

Dutch warehousing and conditioned transport company Bakker Logistiek faced disruptions to operations after systems were encrypted by ransomware last week. As one of the largest logistics services in the Netherlands, …

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DNS and TCP/IP Stack Vulnerabilities Affect 100 Million Devices

In a joint effort between researchers at JSOF and Forescout, a group of vulnerabilities has been disclosed affecting DNS in 100 million devices that are based on FreeBSD, Nucleus NET …

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TriHealth Affected After Columbus Law Firm is Breached

Cincinnati, Ohio based health system TriHealth announced employee and patient data may have been accessed after a breach occurred at one of their partnering businesses. A law firm known as …

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