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Fake Domains Offer Windows 11 Installers – But Deliver Malware Instead

Security researchers have found a new collection of phishing domains offering up fake Windows 11 installers that deliver information-stealing malware. Cybersecurity firm Zscaler said that newly registered …

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Phishing Campaign Uses Weird Links to Trick Email Filters

Researchers at Perception Point recently flagged an email that was able to pass through spam filters using a specialty crafted URL, even though the intent of the email was to …

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Zyxel Silently Fixes Critical RCE Vulnerability in Firewall Products

Threat analysts who discovered a vulnerability affecting multiple Zyxel products report that the network equipment company fixed it via a silent update pushed out two weeks ago. More specifically, security …

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Stealthy Linux Backdoor: BPFDoor

Researchers at PwC Threat Intelligence have documented the discovery of BPFDoor, a passive network implant attributed to Red Menshen, a Chinese threat group. BPFDoor presents a novel method of receiving …

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Omnicell Suffers Ransomware Incident

California based healthcare technology provider Omnicell has revealed they suffered a security incident recently. Omnicell publicly announced that some of their internal systems were accessed on May 4, 2022. The …

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Everything We Learned From the LAPSUS$ Attacks

In recent months, a cybercriminal gang known as LAPSUS$ has claimed responsibility for several high-profile attacks against technology companies. In addition to these attacks, LAPSUS$ was also able to successfully …

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Microsoft Warns of Active Exploitation of CVE-2022-26925

As part of its Patch Tuesday update yesterday, Microsoft released an update for all Windows versions that included fixes for 73 security flaws. One of these vulnerabilities, CVE-2022-26925, is a …

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New Stealthy Nerbian RAT Malware Spotted in Ongoing Attacks

A new Remote Access Trojan (RAT) was discovered being delivered via phishing campaigns that impersonate the World Health Organization (WHO) sending the target COVID-19 related information. This RAT, dubbed Nerbian …

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Ransomware Has Gone Down Because Sanctions Against Russia Are Making Life Harder for Attackers

The number of ransomware attacks has gone down in recent months because sanctions against Russia are making it harder for cyber criminals to organize attacks and receive ransom payments, Rob …

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