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New Gummy Browsers Attack Lets Hackers Spoof Tracking Profiles

University researchers in the US have developed a new fingerprint capturing and browser spoofing attack called Gummy Browsers. They warn how easy the attack is …

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MyKings Botnet is Growing and Remains Under the Radar

The MyKings botnet has been active and spreading since 2016. The botnet, also known as Smominru or DarkCloud, was most recently analyzed by Avast Threat Labs with 6,700 unique samples …

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Docusign Phishing Campaigns Shift Away From C-Suite

Avanan researchers recently published a report in support of cyber security awareness month that follows several Docusign phishing campaigns. According to Avanan researchers, recent impersonation phishing attempts have switched focus …

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Hacker Group SnapMC Compromises Networks in Under 30 Minutes

NCC Group researchers have been seeing an increase in extortion emails from a group dubbed SnapMC. The name SnapMC is derived from the actor’s rapid attacks, generally completed in under …

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Oracle Joins Initiative to Standardize Multi-Cloud Security Notifications

Oracle Cloud has recently joined the Cloud Security Notification Framework project (CSNF), an initiative to standardize security notifications across multiple cloud platforms. Oracle joins Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and IBM …

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GitHub Actions Flaw Allows Commit Without Review

Researchers have disclosed a vulnerability to Microsoft’s GitHub team detailing an issue with GitHub Actions allowing an unprivileged user with write access to bypass peer-review, which could allow for malicious …

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Emergency Apple iOS 15.0.2 Update Fixes Zero-Day

Apple has released iOS 15.0.2 and iPadOS 15.0.2 to fix a zero-day vulnerability that is actively exploited in the wild in attacks targeting Phones and iPads. This vulnerability, tracked as …

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Microsoft Threat Intelligence Reports New Iranian Attributed Password Spraying Attacks

A new threat group “Dev-0343” has been attributed to Iranian intelligence by the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC). The group has been conducting password spraying attacks against US, Europe, and …

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U.S Initiative for Failing to Report a Data Breach

Governments are working around the world to find the best practices for organizations to report data breaches. The U.S. specifically has implemented a wide variety of measures focused on improving …

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