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Precision Spinal in Texas Reveals Data Breach

Texas-based spinal clinic, Precision Spinal Care, has announced one of the first healthcare data breaches of 2021. The breach was noticed after a threat actor …

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Classiscam Operation Made More Than $6.5 Million in 2020

A newly uncovered Russian-based cybercrime operation has been helping classified ad scammers steal more than $6.5 million from victims across the US, Europe, and the former Soviet States. Cyber-security firm …

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Accellion File Transfer Applications Targeted in New Zealand Central Bank Attack

The New Zealand Central Bank announced that it was the victim of a cyber-attack when unidentified threat actors targeted their infrastructure. One of the data systems for the bank that …

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Google Discloses Hacking Campaign with Windows, Android Targets

Recently, as first reported by Bleeping Computer, Google’s Project Zero identified and revealed a hacking campaign used by a “highly sophisticated actor” which targeted Windows and Android users with zero-day …

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Microsoft Defender Zero-Day Mitigation in 2021 Patch Tuesday

In this most recent Patch Tuesday, Microsoft included mitigation for a current Proof-of-Concept (POC) exploit for Windows Defender, CVE-2021-1647. This vulnerability allows for remote code execution from a low privileged …

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New Leak Site Claims to Sell Data Stolen in SolarWinds Attacks

A new website called SolarLeaks appeared on January 12th, claiming without proof to have data that was stolen in the SolarWinds attacks. Among the companies SolarLeaks claims to have data …

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Ubiquiti Network Device Manufacturer Potential Data Breach

Networking device manufacturer Ubiquiti has started emailing clients to warn them of a security incident that may have exposed customer data. Ubiquiti is a popular device manufacturer and is best …

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New Phishing Campaigns and Cyber Attacks Target Columbia

Researchers at ESET have revealed a new campaign which has been dubbed Operation Spalax, which is targeting government and private entities in Columbia. The campaign’s main focus is to steal …

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Android Malware Claims to Give Hackers Full Control of Smartphones

A new Android Remote Administration Trojan (RAT) named Rogue is for sale on underground forums for as little as $29.99. The RAT is a combination of two older malware types …

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