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Witchetty Group Uses Steganography to Hide Backdoor in Windows Logo

Security researchers at Symantec have discovered a new campaign by the threat actor know as Witchetty. In this campaign, the threat actor employed several new …

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Critical ZoHo ManageEngine Java Deserialization Vulnerability Leads to RCE in the Wild

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) added a critical severity Java deserialization vulnerability (CVE-2022-35405) to its list of vulnerabilities being exploited in the wild that allow for a threat …

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Domain Shadowing Becoming More Popular Among Cybercriminals

Researchers at Unit 42, Palo Alto’s threat intelligence team, have found threat actors increasingly using a technique known as domain shadowing to facilitate the hosting of malicious web pages. Between …

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Australian Telco Company Optus Suffers Data Breach

Australian telecommunications company Optus has suffered an apparent data breach. The breach is believed to be quite large since Optus has nearly 9.7 million customers, but the exact number of …

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Blackcat Ransomware’s Data Exfiltration Tool Gets an Upgrade

BlackCat Ransomware (aka ALPHV), considered to be the successor of Darkside and BlackMatter recently received a massive update. Security researchers at Symantec report that the developer of BlackCat, the first Rust-based ransomware …

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2K Games Says Hacked Help Desk Targeted Players with Malware

American video game publisher 2K has confirmed that its help desk platform was hacked and used to target customers with fake support tickets pushing malware via embedded links. “Earlier today, …

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Joint Ransomware Task Force Conducts First Meeting

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) co-chaired the first meeting of the Joint Ransomware Task Force (JRTF), an interagency body established by …

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Credential Stuffing Attacks Account for 34% of Okta Logins

In the first quarter of 2022, credential stuffing attacks have grown to be the leading cause of authentication traffic for Okta users, with 10 billion events being detected on the …

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American Airlines Discloses Data Breach After Employee Email Compromise

American Airlines notified customers of a data breach that took place in July 2022 in which an unauthorized actor compromised accounts of a limited number of American Airlines employees. American …

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