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Phone Scammers Use COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments To Try Tricking Victims Into Downloading Malware

Threat actors regularly use current events to try and make phishing attacks and scams look more legitimate. COVID-19 is no exception. Several threat actors have …

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Ticketmaster Hacked

Ticketmaster notified customers yesterday that malware had infected a third-party support system and up to 5 percent of their customers may have had their data compromised. Users of Ticketmaster UK, …

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Ukraine Discovers More Malware

New reports from Ukrainian officials state that they have discovered a massive amount of malware on their systems. As usual, Ukraine is saying that Russia is behind this planting of …

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WordPress Vulnerability Allows Attackers to Gain Full Control of Sites

A vulnerability has been discovered in WordPress sites that could allow a low privileged attacker to gain full control of a user’s site and execute arbitrary code. The vulnerability was …

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Flaw in FastBooking App Exploited by Hackers

A vulnerability in the hotel reservation app, FastBooking, was exploited by hackers and resulted in the exposure of over 124,000 Prince Hotel customers at hundreds of locations on June 15th …

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Anonymous (OpNicaragua)

Anonymous members have continued their attack on the Nicaraguan Government. This time the group appears to be combining the efforts of OpNicaragua and OpIcarus by posting the websites of Nicaraguan …

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Anonymous (OpIcarus)

Anonymous has continued their attacks for this phase of OpIcarus by attacking banks outside of the United States. The user Minion Ghost has made a post showing that the website …

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TLBleed Causes Intel Grief

A new vulnerability has surfaced in Intel CPUs which can be used to leak encryption keys for signing messages. The vulnerability has been dubbed “TLBleed” and can leak encryption keys …

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Survey Urges Cambridge Dictionary to Redefine “Hacker”

A survey conducted at the Infosecurity Europe 2018 conference in London revealed that 70% of the attendees believe that Cambridge Dictionary needs to redefine the definition of “hacker.” Currently, the …

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