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Microsoft Seizes 42 Malicious Web Domains Used by Chinese Hackers

Microsoft has seized 42 domains being used by a China-based cyber espionage group that was targeting government agencies, think tanks, and human rights organizations in …

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Russia and North Korea Blamed for Sweden DDoS Attack

Monday night the main website for Sweden’s Social Democrats has targeted by a DDoS attack.  The attack began at approximately 9pm and lasted for nearly six minutes.  This is the …

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Triout Spyware

Triout is a new powerful Android spyware that can record phone calls, secretly steal photos and videos, determine the location of a user, and monitor text messages. The spyware has …

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Emergency Patches Issued for Photoshop CC

An early discovery today by Adobe led them to address two critical vulnerabilities. Photoshop is the specific host of two critical memory corruption vulnerabilities which give a remote attacker the …

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Russian Hackers Linked to Attacks on U.S. Senate and Think Tanks

Microsoft announced that they have found evidence that hackers tied to the Russia government are responsible for cyber-attacks on the U.S. Senate and conservative American think tanks.  The hackers utilized …

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Philips Discovers Vulnerabilities in Cardiovascular Devices

Two vulnerabilities have surfaced in various versions of Philips cardiovascular imaging devices. The first vulnerability (CVE-2018-14787) is rated as a high severity vulnerability which affects Philip’s IntelliSpace Cardiovascular and Xcelera …

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Major Router Brands Could be Vulnerable

TheBestVPN discovered vulnerabilities in some of the more popular routers available on the market. Specifically, Netgear models DGN2200 and DGN2200M, Dlink DIR-300, and ZTE F660 were found to have software …

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Anonymous Revisits OpCatalonia with New Energy

Anonymous has begun to revisit their OpCatalonia campaign as the one year anniversary of the Catalan vote for independence and the subsequent opposition from the Spanish government.  In the past …

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Brazilian Army Works to Bolster Cyber-Readiness

The Brazilian Army coordinated and ran a combined cyber-exercise to bring together military and civilian institutions in an attempt to bolster their nations cyber-defenses.  The exercise, which was named Cyber …

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