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Microsoft Seizes 42 Malicious Web Domains Used by Chinese Hackers

Microsoft has seized 42 domains being used by a China-based cyber espionage group that was targeting government agencies, think tanks, and human rights organizations in …

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New Details Emerge In Iranian Attacks on Universities

New details about the Iranian attacks on universities throughout Europe and North America were released over the weekend.  In an announcement from the University of Oregon new details emerged about …

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Chinese Government Arrest Three in Connection with $87 Million Crypto-Currency Heist

The Chinese government has announced the arrest of three Chinese citizens in connection with a crypto-currency theft that was reported back in March.  The initial investigation came after a report …

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New Variant of Matrix Ransomware

A new variant of the Matrix ransomware has surfaced in the wild, dubbed Fox Ransomware. This variant renames encrypted files and then adds the “.FOX” extension to the file name. …

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FlawedAmmy is Back to Targeting Banks

Microsoft Office Publisher file (.pub) is being used with the subject line “Payment Advice” and is targeting bank domains. After research was conducted, the emails were found to contain URLs …

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Little Response from Anonymous to ISIS’ Threat

Surprisingly there has been little reaction from members of Anonymous to the threats made against them by ISIS.  If ISIS did manage to scare any of Anonymous’ followers they are …

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New Attack Technique Puts WordPress Sites at Risk

Researchers have discovered a new attack technique that could make it easier for an attacker to trigger critical deserialization vulnerabilities in PHP programming language utilizing previously low-risk functions. The technique …

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Marap Malware Targets the Financial Scene

Neither a ransomware, Rat, or banking trojan, Marap is rather a downloader capable of copying a targets fingerprint. The malware is named after its command-and-control parameter “param,” spelled backwards and …

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ISIS Threatens Anonymous

Members of the United Cyber Caliphate, ISIS’s once capable cyber-wing, have threatened to kill members of Anonymous.  Anonymous has been waging a highly successful war against ISIS since the attack …

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