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Europol Takes Down VPNLab

Europol has halted the operations of VPNLab, a virtual private network that provided anonymity and encryption services for cybercrime groups, including ransomware gangs. Europol reported …

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Somdev Sangwan

A hacker has already figured out a way to compromise India’s Aadhaar system after the head of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India challenged anyone to compromise the system.  The …

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TSMC Hit by Ransomware Attack

TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co), a supplier for Apple’s SoC components and a major manufacturer for Qualcomm, recently fell victim to a variant of the WannaCry ransomware. On August 3rd, …

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DNA Testing Websites Taking Initiative to Better Protect and Secure

Popular family tree sites have been prone to large data beaches as of late. In December, on a server, 300,000 e-mail addresses, passwords, and usernames were found with …

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Anonymous (OpFreeAnon/OpJustina)

A Massachusetts man was found guilty in court this week for his part in the Anonymous campaign OpJustina.  OpJustina began in late 2013 when a young girl, Justina, was taken …

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Typewriters Being Re-enlisted as a Small Town in Alaska is Struck with Ransomware

A spokeswoman for the small Alaskan borough of Matanuska-Susitna said the staff has dusted off their typewriters and were writing receipts by hand while their systems are being rebuilt. Their …

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MikroTik Routers Fall Victim to Coinhive Campaign

Researchers have discovered a massive cryptojacking campaign that is targeting MikroTik routers. The campaign started during this past week and was mainly active in Brazil, however it has started targeting …

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Carbanak (Fin7)

The FBI has indicted three Ukrainian nationals who have been identified as high-level members of the Carbanak Group, also known as Fin7.  The three men were identified by the FBI …

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Reddit Hacked, Despite Two-Factor Authentication

Reddit notified its users yesterday of a data breach that occurred on June 19th but it appears that the hacker only accessed a backup file containing email addresses and hashed …

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