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CISA Warns of Log4Shell Exploits Still Targeting VMware Servers

CISA has released a new report that outlines attacks that are still using the Log4Shell vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) and targeting VMware Horizon and Unified Access Gateway …

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More Russian Tampering in Election (2018)

Claims have been made that the first confirmed case of Russian tampering for the 2018 elections has been seen.  Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill has said that there was an …

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A Bulgarian hacker known as Voksi is currently facing legal action for their part in compromising an unknown number of programs.  Voksi, who is well known in the online gaming …

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Prisoners Exploit Vulnerability for Money

According to a spokesman for the Idaho Department of Corrections inmates in Idaho prisons have exploited a vulnerability in payment systems to steal nearly a quarter of a million dollars.  …

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Fake Banking Apps Leak Credit Card Data

Three more fake banking apps have made their way onto the Google Play Store claiming that they can increase the credit card limit for users. The apps made their way …

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105,000 Medical Patients Records Were Compromised

Boys Town Hospital out of Omaha, Nebraska was the victim of a cyber-attack where well over 100,000 medical records were possibly compromised. Personnel at the hospital noticed peculiar activity from …

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New Iranian Threat Actor: Leafminer

A new Iranian threat actor has been identified which appears to have been active since early 2017.  The group has been targeting organizations throughout the Middle East in both the …

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COSCO Hit by Ransomware

COSCO, otherwise known as China Ocean Shipping Company has recently suffered a ransomware attack. The attack took place on July 24th 2018 and crippled the company’s network. It is unclear …

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A hacker calling themselves VirusSec has taken credit for an attack on South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs’ website.  VirusSec also claimed credit for an attack on the main website …

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