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Threat Group Abuses Exchange Server Vulnerability to Access Building Automation Systems

A Chinese-speaking threat actor has hacked into the building automation systems (used to control HVAC, fire, and security functions) of several Asian organizations to backdoor …

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Fake Fortnight Apps for Android are Spreading

While the game of Fortnight is being released across many platforms, the Android version won’t be available until later this year. That hasn’t stopped hackers from creating fake Fortnight apps …

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Flightradar24 Suffers Data Breach

Flightradar24 is one of the most popular flight tracking services used in the world, however, they have suffered a data breach. It is believed that the breach has compromised the …

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Israel Announces New Education Program

In keeping with their goals to become a cyber-security power house, Israel has announced that they will be creating new education programs for high school Seniors.  The new program will …

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Zero-Day Surfaces for Apple Software

Researchers have discovered a zero-day in Apple’s software by adjusting a few lines of code. It was described as “synthetic interactions” with a UI (user interface) which could lead to …

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Machine Learning is Beneficial But Can Bring Risks That Many Aren’t Aware of

Lately, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning have taken the cyber-security industry by storm. Although the industry is growing rapidly, it is heavily understaffed which is where these new technologies …

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Black Team X

A group calling themselves Black Team X defaced the website belonging to the President of South Africa. The message read “Sahara is Moroccan” and “Morocco is ur lord.” Some are …

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GandCrab Ransomware Receives Updates

GandCrab ransomware has received many updates during the past few months, and it has now been seen that it’s trying to infect victims using the EternalBlue exploit. GandCrab typically spreads …

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Timehop Breach Exposes 21 Million Users

The social media reminiscing platform, Timehop, revealed yesterday that an attacker had accessed an internal database on their cloud on July 4th, and stole personal data on 21 million users. …

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