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ScarCruft’s Evolving Arsenal: Researchers Reveal New Malware Distribution Techniques

ScarCruft, a North Korean-based threat actor group, has been seen using weaponized Microsoft Compiled HTML Help files to download additional malware on infected machines. The …

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Deceased Patients Medical Records Being Sold

Research has uncovered a cache of records belonging to 140 million medical patients, which include credit card information. It is believed to be the result of continued medical data breaches …

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Lazarus Group Deploys New Malware Targeting Mac

A new malware campaign being carried out by Lazarus Group has been uncovered.  Not surprisingly this one is currently targeting crypto-currency, which North Korea has been targeting heavily for some …

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BackSwap Banking Trojan Targeting New Banks

BackSwap is a banking trojan that was first seen earlier this year in March targeting Polish banks, but it has been recently seen that BackSwap is targeting six major banks …

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DNC Mistakes Pen-test for Phishing Attempt

In the early hours of Tuesday, the DNC was made aware of a faux login page by Lookout and a Cloud service provider that was attempting to gather usernames and …

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New Threat Actor Found to Have Been Targeting Mexico for Five Years

A new threat actor has been discovered to have been targeting Mexicans for at least five years with spyware.  The group’s malware specifically targets banking details as well as other …

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Iranian Accounts Taken Offline by Social Media

Iranian hackers appear to be learning from successful Russian tactics in information warfare.  Facebook announced that they had taken 652 accounts, pages, and groups that were being utilized for “coordinated …

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Further Sanctions Imposed on Russia by U.S.

Yesterday the U.S. Department of the Treasury announced further sanctions against two Russian individuals and two Saint Petersburg based companies who are accused of assisting the previously sanctions Divetechnoservices side …

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Russia and North Korea Blamed for Sweden DDoS Attack

Monday night the main website for Sweden’s Social Democrats has targeted by a DDoS attack.  The attack began at approximately 9pm and lasted for nearly six minutes.  This is the …

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