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Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office Weaponized to Push Malware

Security researchers at Deep Instinct have recently discovered multiple campaigns where Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) are being used as a method of …

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Survey Urges Cambridge Dictionary to Redefine “Hacker”

A survey conducted at the Infosecurity Europe 2018 conference in London revealed that 70% of the attendees believe that Cambridge Dictionary needs to redefine the definition of “hacker.” Currently, the …

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Anonymous (OpICE)

Anonymous has released a new public statement pertaining to the recent news events about ICE and their treatment of children and families. They believe that taking children from their parents …

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Rockwell Patches Flaw For Several Vendors

Rockwell Automation is a well-known American company that provides industrial automation. Last week, they sent an advisory informing customers about a critical vulnerability affecting Allen-Bradley CompactLogix5370 and Compact GuardLogix 5370 …

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Europe Seeing GDPR Being Leveraged for “Ransomhacks”

Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation, designed to protect online privacy, has resulted in a new form of ransomware, called “Ransomhacks.” European businesses can face severe financial penalties up to 4% …

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Anonymous (OpIcarus)

After months of no action and continued internal arguments it appears that the first actions of OpIcarus have finally taken place.  Members of Anonymous began discussing the operations, which focuses …

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Healthcare Data Breach Exposes 270,000

In yet another healthcare data breach, the Med Associates health billing company from Latham, New York suffered a breach which may have exposed personal data on over 270,000 customers. Med …

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Firebase Hosted Databases Exposed Due to Mobile Apps

Researchers have seen that unprotected Firebase databases of thousands of iOS and Android apps are exposing over 100 million data records. The vulnerability exists due to developers failing to properly …

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Thrip Accused of Targeting Satellites

A group known as Thrip, who is believed to have ties to the Chinese government, has been found targeting satellites, telecom, and defense systems belonging to the United States and …

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