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ScarCruft’s Evolving Arsenal: Researchers Reveal New Malware Distribution Techniques

ScarCruft, a North Korean-based threat actor group, has been seen using weaponized Microsoft Compiled HTML Help files to download additional malware on infected machines. The …

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Car Hackers are Switching Roles to Help Secure Autonomous Vehicles

Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, who are former car hackers, now work for the company Cruise Automation, as principal security architects. Recently, at Black Hat, the two exposed the vulnerabilities …

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Hundreds of Instagram Accounts Stolen

A large number of Instagram accounts have been highjacked by a currently unknown attacker.  Right now, the number of compromised accounts is in the hundreds, though that number may continue …

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Adobe Releases 11 Patches

Adobe released patches for 11 vulnerabilities in August 2018. The vulnerabilities affect Creative Cloud Desktop, Adobe Acrobat and Reader, Adobe Flash Player, and Adobe Experience Manager. Two of the 11 …

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Could IoT Devices lead to a Mass Blackout?

Princeton University security researchers are set to deliver a study that touches on a highly disregarded issue in power grid security. Their study brought along some shocking news. If there …

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Indian Bank becomes Target of Cyber-Attack

The Cosmos Cooperative Bank in Pune India was the target of a significant theft through cyber-attack.  A currently unknown attacker, or attackers, stole information for the bank’s VISA and Rupay …

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Lithuania Fears Russian Cyber-Attacks

The Lithuanian Vice Minister of Defense, Edvinas Kerza, spoke publicly this week about the biggest cyber threats facing the small nation.  According to the Vice Minister Lithuania has faced an …

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Man-in-the-Disk Attack

The Man-in-the-Disk technique is a new attack that takes advantage of irresponsible storage protocols in third-party apps which can crash a victim’s Android mobile device. Researchers claim that there are …

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Election Security Gets a Sigh of Relief at Def Con

Since the 2016 election, there have been countless allegations made that election hacking has occurred from foreign State Actors, including claims of thousands of registered voters having their information compromised …

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