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GravityRAT Returns, Targeting Android Devices

Researchers at Kaspersky Labs published a technical report about Microsoft Windows malware known as GravityRAT that was previously seen in 2017 and 2018 targeting the …

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The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) Has Been Affected by Ransomware

The Pennsylvania transportation company SEPTA disclosed a ransomware attack that has been affecting their systems since August. Due to the attack, services such as employee email, real time ride sharing, …

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Fraudulent Apps Can Make Huge Profit

In a recent move by the Google Play Store, over 240 apps were removed that were infected with fraudulent advertising components. For months, the army of deceptive apps, which were …

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Malware Campaigns Using Obscure Paste Service

Research by Juniper Labs has uncovered several malware campaigns using a paste service called “Paste.nrecom.” Using a paste service such as is nothing new for malware, though many tend …

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HEH – A new IoT Botnet:

Researchers at 360 Netlabs have identified a new Peer-to-Peer Internet of Things (P2P IOT) botnet named “HEH”. This botnet, which was written in GO and uses Telnet brute-forcing to spread …

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Hackers Exploit Windows Error Reporting Service in New Fileless Attack

A new fileless attack, named the “Kraken” attack, was detected by Malwarebytes security researchers on September 17th. The attack technique abuses the Microsoft Windows Error Reporting Service (WER). The attack …

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Two Flaws Affecting WordPress Plugin Post Grid

Researchers have discovered that two new high severity vulnerabilities are affecting the WordPress plugin Post Grid which has over 60,000 installations. While both flaws are awaiting a CVE number, they …

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