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SonicWall VPN Vulnerability Could Lead To Remote Code Execution

Researchers with Tripwire’s VERT have identified a buffer-overflow in SonicWall’s Network Security Appliance, allowing for persistent denial of service. This flaw can be triggered using a custom formatted protocol header sent through an unauthenticated HTTP request. The flaw occurs pre-authentication and within a component of SonicWall’s SSLVPN, which is typically exposed to the Internet. Additionally, while a remote code execution exploit is not yet available, TripWire has stated that a RCE is likely feasible.


SonicWall has released updates to remediate this flaw, however SonicWall also recommends disconnecting SSL VPN portals as a temporary mitigation until the patch is applied. This vulnerability affects the following versions: • SonicOS • SonicOS • SonicOS • SonicOS 6.5.4.v-21s-987 • Gen 7 and onwards To read more, please see:

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