Threat Watch

Two Attacks Launched in Support of OpIcarus

Two DDoS attacks were carried out last night as part of the OpIcarus/DeleteTheElite campaign.  A well-known advocate for the OpIcarus campaign targeted the main website for the Vatican as well as the Bank for International Settlements, taking both websites offline for a brief period of time.  Both websites were targeted as part of OpIcarus/DeleteTheElite and in support of the “Yellow Vests” in France.  While it was already assessed that attacks could begin to take place, it is surprising that the first victims of the attacks were located outside of France.  While one of the victims was a bank, both organizations have closer ties to the DeleteTheElite campaign than the OpIcarus campaign.


We will probably see further attacks through the rest of the week or over the weekend around Europe. A number of the conversations have been focusing on President Macron and could possibly lead to targeting of institutions within France.