Voluntary Early Warning System

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Reducing your risks from cyberattacks requires you to decrease your detection times so that you can act against threats to your business.

To address this challenge, FIRST.org has developed an innovative early warning system that will quickly alert you if a computer intrusion is identified by external researchers or law enforcement, so that the proper threat response can be swiftly activated.

Early warnings come from observation of network traffic from malware command and control servers used in attacks against other companies. Often, these observations reveal the IP addresses of several other companies that are also affected but might not yet know about it. In other instances, the FBI, DHS, or Secret Service may identify IP addresses representing hundreds or thousands of victim organizations. Unfortunately, the process of identifying points of contact at each organization, or even what organization is responsible for each of the IP addresses, can take weeks or months, rendering the notifications too late to be effective.

The Voluntary Early Warning System is solely provided by FIRST.org. With your permission, early warning communications from the Voluntary Early Warning System can be routed to Binary Defense. Victim companies have stopped the intrusion before ransomware was deployed resulting in significant time, reputation, and cost savings. Binary Defense wants to increase the number of successful notifications as well as improve the efficiency of these notifications. 

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