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2020 Security Trends from TrustedSec—What’s Happening Today, Tomorrow and Far Out

From our partners at TrustedSec, Cybersecurity Predictions for 2020.

Patterns and statistics provide us insight into what kinds of cybersecurity challenges lurk just beyond the horizon. Some of the predictions regarding emerging cyberthreats and advancing threat actor initiatives are based on solid data and past behavior while others are a bit of a reach published merely to get attention.

Know where we’ve been to know where we’re headed

Cybersecurity has been moving as breakneck pace in order to keep up with the threats posed by sophisticated and evolving threats. Some things have remained the same over the years while some threats have been total game changers. It is important to look at where we have been and what has transpired in order to understand where we are most likely headed and how best to defend your business.

Cybersecurity trends:

In this webinar, we will look at data and experience to provide valuable guidance and insight as to what threats and trends we can count on continuing and growing:

  • What cyberthreats continue throughout the year and what changes?
  • What cybersecurity predictions have fallen flat in the past?
  • The most damaging threats—then and now
  • Cybersecurity solutions that are worth investigating to protect your business


About the Presenter


TrustedSec is an Information Security consulting team at the forefront of attack simulations with a focus on strategic risk-management. Our goal is to help organizations defend against threats of all kinds and change the security industry for the better.

As the GRC practice lead, Alex Hamerstone is called on by clients and the media to share insights on security programs and current events. Tyler Hudak, TrustedSec’s Incident Response Practice Lead, is on the front line of attacks helping clients respond to and recover from advanced attacks. With unique insights that connect the incident and risk management dots, you’ll be able to better prepare for both planning and executive conversations.

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