Building Defensive Strategies for Supply Chain Attacks

How can a business secure their supply chains against cyberattacks and data breaches? 

Many businesses rely on third party vendors for raw materials, technology services and more, and a range of information is shared with these suppliers. Information shared with third parties can range from intellectual property to customer or employee data. When that information is shared the direct control is lost and leads to an increased risk of it being compromised. 

The SolarWinds attack that was discovered at the end of 2020 shows how important cybersecurity is in the current digital landscape.  

To defend against cyberattacks, it’s important to have a staff who are continuously looking at what attackers are doing and how to build the best types of defenses against them. That’s why having a 24/7/365 team of SOC analysts on your side is invaluable. 

Join Binary Defense CTO and co-founder, David Kennedy, for a discussion on how building defensive strategies is essential to protect your organization against supply chain attacks.  


About the Presenter

David Kennedy

Dave Kennedy is a founder and the Chief Technology Officer at Binary Defense and founder and principal security consultant of TrustedSec.

Prior to Binary Defense and TrustedSec, Dave was a Chief Security Officer (CSO) for Diebold Incorporated, a Fortune 1000 company located in over 80 countries with over 20,000 employees.