Monitoring For Threats: Protecting Our Schools

Decoding the Secret World of Student Apps

In this digital era, alarming new trends have emerged in middle and high schools across the country, which show increased threats of physical attacks, cyberbullying, cases of suicide, and easier drug- and gang-coded communication—all through internet usage and online apps.

These new trends make it increasingly difficult to track, respond to, and combat incidents at schools. These issues affect schools all across the U.S., regardless of the school’s demographics, and regardless of whether the school is in a rural or urban area, public or private.

It’s becoming a national crisis.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Which online apps are most used in illegal student activity and their emerging trends
  • Why it’s so important to quickly and accurately assess the credibility of violent threats made digitally
  • What can be done to help circumvent risks and why creating a comprehensive prevention plan is key

Our Binary Defense security expert also demonstrates the power of Binary Defense’s Counterintelligence solution. The live session will help you find ways to identify unusual behavior and how to effectively respond to and investigate incidents.

About the Counterintelligence Team

Our Counterintelligence Team gathers information and conducts operations to identify threats to an organization so that they can better protect against malicious activity.

We accomplish this by combining advanced technology with skilled and experienced intelligence specialists.


About the Presenter

Dan Mcnemar

Dan Mcnemar is the Director of the Counterintelligence team at Binary Defense, where he runs the division responsible for delivering actionable and accurate intelligence to our clients. He has worked with law enforcement on the national, local, and federal levels throughout his career on various on cybersecurity cases.

Prior to Binary Defense, Dan held security analyst roles at large organizations such as NASA and Diebold where he was responsible for the security measures implemented into an organization’s computer network and databases. Dan has been interviewed by several news organizations including Fox, Cheddar, News Channel 5, Forensic Magazine and multiple local and national newspapers.