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Preparing Security Teams for Disaster

From our partners at TrustedSec, the webinar you need right now.

As populations are affected by disaster, what can you and your organization do now to mitigate security risk?

Recorded on March 19, 2020, this on-demand webinar features industry leaders Justin Leapline and Rockie Brockway as they discuss the important things you need to know when it comes to the cybersecurity of your company during trying times.

How does your company reduce risk and stave off cyberattacks during unprecedented events?

Business Critical Priorities for Cybersecurity

Most organizations never prepared for the challenges we currently face. It is important to be able to maintain continuity while minimizing risk and impact. While it is best to have these plans in place ahead of time, there are things businesses can do to implement programs and processes already facing disaster.

Rapid Action & Deployment

When challenges arise from virtually every arm of the business and across every industry, there are key tasks to implement and act upon quickly. Rockie and Justin cover the critical items your business needs to handle right away—some more difficult than others, but all imperative.

Communicating with Leadership

Planning and executing actions to shore up cybersecurity while minimizing risk to your organization are key. Another important aspect is being able to efficiently and effectively communicate challenges, activities, and needs to organizational leadership.


About the Presenter

TrustedSec is an Information Security consulting team at the forefront of attack simulations with a focus on strategic risk-management. Our goal is to help organizations defend against threats of all kinds and change the security industry for the better.
Rockie Brockway: Experienced 25-year veteran of IT/IS and highly technical Information Security Analyst, Design Architect/Assessor specializing in Business Systems/Impact Analysis. Through an understanding of business needs in relation to protecting business critical data (Brand Protection), he assists organizations in achieving their desired business outcomes. He has consulted in nearly every vertical and marries a strong technical background with outstanding creativity, communication skills, leadership, team building/teamwork skills and business acumen.
Justin Leapline: Justin Leapline has over twenty (20) years of experience involving system administration, software development, and information security. His core skills include regulatory and contractual compliance within the information security realm, security program management, and general governance practices and frameworks. Before joining TrustedSec, Justin consulted with numerous Fortune 1000 companies in the areas of information systems, audit, governance and information security. He has also led the governance and security practices for leading eCommerce and large financial services companies. Additionally, Justin has spoken at numerous conferences concerning risk management, payment card industry (PCI), and general information security practices.

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