The Balance of Static and Behavior

The security industry has evolved over the past decade, and it is widely accepted that no organization can always be 100% protected all the time. Understanding what can happen and how to identify a successful attack is paramount in today’s security program. 

Join Binary Defense Co-Founder and CTO in this presentation that will cover: 

  • How attackers establish initial access and dive into the latter stages that oftentimes cause the most amount of damage 
  • Understanding how attacks happen within an organization to help build a faster response to a successful hack 
  • Pros and cons of both the approach of static and behavioral detections 
  • Protective measures you can implement right away within your organization 


About the Presenter

David Kennedy

Dave Kennedy is a Co-Founder and the Chief Technology Officer at Binary Defense and Founder and CEO of TrustedSec. Named one of the Top 10 IT Security Influencers in the World by CISO Platform, Dave has more than 15 years of experience in the security industry.

Dave previously worked as Chief Security Officer for Diebold Incorporated, an international Fortune 1000 company, where he developed a global security program that handled all aspects of information security and risk management. Before his work in the private sector, Dave served in the United States Marine Corps including two tours in Iraq. He specialized in cyber warfare and forensics analysis activities for the U.S. intelligence community.