Latest Threat Research: Technical Analysis: Killer Ultra Malware Targeting EDR Products in Ransomware Attacks

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The Right Partner is the Best Defense

Reducing cyber risk requires a trusted partner—a team who understands your environment inside and out to provide immediate detection and fast response.

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Managed Detection and Response

Combining threat intelligence, technology, and analyst tradecraft to bring high-fidelity threat detections and response actions early in the attack lifecycle.

Threat Hunting

We leverage hypothesis-based threat hunting to uncover hidden threats, create new detection rules and improve your overall security posture.

Digital Risk Protection

We proactively monitor Clearnet, Darknet, and Social Media to mitigate cyber and physical risk before an attack happens.

Enhanced Response Services

Taking MDR to the next level with advanced services including phishing support and incident response.

MDR at a Glance

  • Open XDR enables high-fidelity threat detections across endpoint, network, cloud, identity, and more
  • 24x7x365 SOC monitoring and response
  • Event triage, notification, and investigation mapped to cyber kill chain
  • Improved security maturity through tactical and strategic mitigation recommendations

Threat Hunting at a Glance:

  • Hunts customized to your environment and business
  • Identify and correct misconfigurations and potential weaknesses
  • Malware reverse engineering and synthesis in lab environments
  • Create new detection rules based off threat hunting results

Digital Risk Protection at a Glance:

  • Threat Information Engine searches for target keywords 24×7
  • Counterintelligence specialists analyze alerts and advise the client when a threat is found
  • Clients receive detailed report on potential threats with mitigation recommendations
  • Protect your brand, employees, and information systems from physical or digital risk

Enhanced Response Services at a Glance:

  • Services that complement MDR and provide an extra layer of protection
  • Phishing Support: Investigation of suspicious emails and tuning to reduce risk of malicious emails being delivered
  • Incident Response: Response and recovery activities following a cyber event to understand what happened, how to prevent it in the future, and how to return to normal operations

Built on Trust

Protection from an Attacker’s Mindset

Our team correlates information from every part of your environment to detect and investigate threats—and gives you the tools to fight back.

Step One

Complete Visibility

Open XDR strategy enables ingestion of all relevant data sources, enabling an assessment of your environment to develop a detection strategy that fits your needs.

Step Two

Personalized Approach

We combine our Threat Intelligence and your data to produce high-fidelity signature and behavior-based detections across the Cyber Kill Chain.

Step Three

Answers, Not Alerts

SOC analysts review alerts to remove false positives and dig deeper into events that require investigation. Detailed threat notifications provide answers, not just alerts.

  • update 24x7x365 SOC
  • group Analysis On-Demand

Step Four

Partnership Built on Trust

SOC analysts provide strategic recommendations and work with you to develop a remediation plan, if applicable. Analysis-On Demand service provides additional incident response support.

  • update 24x7x365 SOC
  • group Analysis On-Demand

Step Five

Proactive Threat Intelligence

Our teams constantly monitor and research the threat landscape to improve detections and stay ahead of the latest attacks. Insights found through these efforts are turned into new detection rules.

Get the Security Outcomes you Need

Personalized Protection

Customized detection strategy built to meet your unique needs

Answers, Not Alerts

Respond quickly and accurately with detailed threat notifications.

Improve your Maturity

Learn from every incident, mapped to Cyber Kill Chain

Collective Defense

Detection rules applied across client environments

Peace of Mind

24/7/365 SOC monitoring means you’re covered every second of every day

Maximize your Security Investments

We work with your existing security technologies

What our Customers are Saying

I haven’t seen another product that combines…

I haven’t seen another product that combines the visibility that Binary Defense MDR offers with the response times of the SOC.

Mike SaundersPrincipal Consultant in Information Security

Long-Standing Partnerships

Through our long-standing partnership with Binary Defense, we’ve been able to keep up with our client’s security needs and stay competitive in a saturated market.

George GardnerDirector of IT and Operations, BayPointe Technology

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Technical Analysis: Killer Ultra Malware Targeting EDR Products in Ransomware Attacks

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Answers, Not Alerts

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