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Harness decades of detection engineering, threat intelligence, deception techniques, and response capabilities to expand your detection program and protect against modern threats with BDVision™. Experience unprecedented observability and immediate contextual feedback on events happening in your organization’s environment. BDVision provides a robust layer of detection even when conventional tools are being attacked or evaded.

BDVision is more than an EDR

Continual Behavioral Detection Engineering

Protect your environment from evolving threats with continual behavioral detection engineering. BDVision, analyzes and adapts to emerging threat patterns in real-time. As BDVision learns your environment and gathers more data over time, it can accurately identify unusual behaviors and indicators of compromise that would often go unnoticed.

Deception Capabilities

Use deception to disrupt cyber threats. Incorporate layered deception in each phase of an attack to confuse attackers and trigger low false positive alerts. Protect your assets and data by staying ahead of adversaries with advanced deception capabilities.

AI Learning Models for Advanced Threat Detection

Employ cutting-edge learning models to identify subtle indicators of compromise and emerging attack vectors. BDVision utilizes machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies and potential threats, empowering you to stay one step ahead of attackers.

BDVision analyzes programming languages through generative AI and can determine high confidence scoring on potentially malicious code execution or suspicious indicators of compromise.

Identity Safeguards

During an incident, a crucial step is identifying the compromised identity. BDVision allows you to seamlessly respond and disable compromised accounts to prevent further malicious activity.

Detection of EDR Bypass

Detect and respond to threats even when Endpoint Detection and Response solutions are bypassed. BDVision provides an additional layer of defense, actively monitoring for signs of evasion and ensuring consistent threat coverage across your environment.

Vision Webpage
Vision Webpage

Deploy BDVision the Way You Want

BDVision brings unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to tailor your deployment strategy to your organization’s unique needs. While comprehensive protection across your entire environment is crucial, we understand that some assets requires targeted attention. With BDVision, you have the capability to install the agent selectively on critical assets, ensuring they receive the highest level of protection without the need for fleet-wide deployment.

By targeting these critical assets, such as high-value servers, sensitive endpoints, or vital infrastructure components, you can establish a robust defense perimeter where it matters most. This approach minimizes operational disruption while maximizing security efficacy, safeguarding your organization’s most valuable assets from cyber threats.

BDVision’s deployment feature empowers you to prioritize security measures where they are needed most, providing peace of mind knowing that your critical assets are fortified against evolving cyber risks. Whether you’re protecting intellectual property, customer data, or mission-critical systems, BDVision ensures proactive threat detection and rapid response capabilities, strengthening your overall security posture while maintaining operational efficiency.

Key Features of BDVision

Feature BDVision EDR Agents
Continuous Monitoring check_circle check_circle
Signature Detections check_circle check_circle
Behavioral Detections check_circle Varies
Endpoint Containment check_circle Varies
Identity & Account Lockout check_circle Varies
Root Cause Analysis check_circle Limited
Threat Hunting check_circle Limited
Deception Techniques check_circle cancel
24x7x365 Eyes-on-Glass check_circle cancel
Tuning & Management check_circle Limited
Threat Intelligence check_circle check_circle
Reporting check_circle check_circle

A True Extension of Your Team

Binary Defense provides security operations and a personalized Managed Detection and Response solution by collaborating with and crafting an effective security strategy to accelerate detection, investigation, and response to potential threats -giving you actionable insights within minutes not hours, confidence in your defenses, and time back that matter most to your business.

Through a consultative and collaborative approach, we take the time to gain a deep understanding of your current security needs, risk profile, existing skills and capabilities, and vulnerabilities to meet your business where you are in your journey to mature your security posture. We apply an attacker’s mindset and develop a personalized, human-driven, tech-enabled approach for each client.

Step One

Complete Visibility

Open XDR strategy enables ingestion of all relevant data sources, enabling an assessment of your environment to develop a detection strategy that fits your needs.

Step Two

Personalized Approach

We combine our Threat Intelligence and your data to produce high-fidelity signature and behavior-based detections across the Cyber Kill Chain.

Step Three

Answers, Not Alerts

SOC analysts review alerts to remove false positives and dig deeper into events that require investigation. Detailed threat notifications provide answers, not just alerts.

  • update 24x7x365 SOC
  • group Analysis On-Demand

Step Four

Partnership Built on Trust

SOC analysts provide strategic recommendations and work with you to develop a remediation plan, if applicable. Analysis-On Demand service provides additional incident response support.

  • update 24x7x365 SOC
  • group Analysis On-Demand

Step Five

Proactive Threat Intelligence

Our teams constantly monitor and research the threat landscape to improve detections and stay ahead of the latest attacks. Insights found through these efforts are turned into new detection rules.

  • update 24x7x365 SOC
  • group Analysis On-Demand

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