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Technical & Strategic Alliances

Joining together to make the world a safer place through integrated services.

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Why We’re Better Together

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, with new threats and vulnerabilities emerging every day. To combat these threats, cybersecurity professionals often need to work together and share information and resources. That’s where our cybersecurity technical alliances come into play.

Enhanced Security for Clients

An alliance with Binary Defense can help clients enhance their security posture by providing them with access to the latest security tools and technologies.

Extension of Your Team

As a technical alliance partner our team acts as a true extension of yours and your clients’ to provide world-class cybersecurity and support.

Expanded Reach

Your team can focus on your product while Binary Defense offers world-class management services for your platform, expanding your market reach.

What is the Alliance Program?

The mission of the Alliance Program is to enable solution providers to develop, integrate, and market products and services by leveraging our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) platform. 

 The collective goal with our partners is to positively impact new markets, strengthen our respective brands, and achieve customer security objectives that would otherwise be too complex, costly, or simply unattainable.

 By establishing tangible metrics and goals with a clearly defined go-to-market (GTM) strategy, an alliance with Binary Defense ensures differentiated offerings with increased client value.

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Binary Defense is pleased to offer the following alliance programs:

Embedded Alliances

Partner tools and technology that become integrated within the Binary Defense MDR Security Platform for all customers.

Examples: Data enrichment, API integration, shared telemetry

Enhancement Alliances

Partner tools and technology that enhance the Binary Defense service offerings as an add-on or module. Positioned as a positive customer outcome in addition to an existing service.

Examples: Enhanced automation, advanced processes, scaling of operations

Collaborative Alliances

Partner tools and technology can technically be positioned individually or jointly – but the partnership adds more client value.

Examples: Binary Defense Partner Program

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Technical Alliance Partners