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Binary Defense adds Microsoft Sentinel deployment and management to its Managed Security Services

July 13, 2022

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Binary Defense announced it has added Microsoft Sentinel to its Managed Security Service offering today. Microsoft Sentinel is Microsoft’s scalable, cloud-native, security information and event management (SIEM) and security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solution.

As security threats continue to evolve, Binary Defense is committed to shielding customers from threat actors through its industry-recognized security operations services. By adding Microsoft Sentinel to its platform of supported technologies, Binary Defense is enabling its customers, regardless of security maturity, to maximize their investments with Microsoft beyond Defender’s anti-virus capabilities and into enterprise-grade security monitoring and incident response.

As part of this Microsoft Sentinel Managed Security service, Binary Defense security engineers will plan, deploy, tune, and monitor Microsoft Sentinel to each customer’s unique environment. The service package includes:

  • Custom detection rules, queries, playbooks, and reports tuned to customers’ environments
  • Integration of tools, threat intel feeds, ticketing systems, and other important logs.
  • Enriched security alerts, triage, containment, and remediation activities
  • 24/7/365 monitoring, alert triage, and threat investigation through the in-house Security Operations Task Force
  • Ongoing policy and rule tuning to eliminate noise and ensure the latest detection for emerging threats

“Our mission at Binary Defense is to make the world a safer place. By adding Microsoft Sentinel to our security services portfolio, we are doing exactly that,” said Bob Meindl, Chief Executive Officer, Binary Defense. “We are customer-focused, and our customers continue to make investments in Microsoft’s platforms. With our Managed Microsoft Sentinel service, we are helping our customers get the most out of their Microsoft investment while shielding their environments from threats with our industry recognized Security Operations Center and detection and response capabilities.”

Binary Defense brings its Forresterᵀᴹ recognized, attack-first perspective to customers’ security operations. Their analysts are trained to identify abnormal patterns and analyze behaviors, so as cyberattacks evolve and hackers become more sophisticated, Binary Defense stays a step ahead to keep its customers secure. Through Binary Defense’s Deploy, Tune, and Monitor approach to Microsoft Sentinel service delivery, they offload the burden of managing the SIEM from customers’ internal IT security teams by providing custom filtering, pre-defined behavioral detections, alarm thresholding, and dedicated 24x7x365 monitoring through their Security Operations Task Force.
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About Binary Defense

Binary Defense is a managed security services provider and software developer with leading cybersecurity solutions that include SOC-as-a-Service, Managed Detection & Response, Security Information & Event Management, Threat Hunting, and Counterintelligence. With their human-driven, technology-assisted approach, Binary Defense can provide their clients with immediate protection and visibility, combating and stopping the next generation of attacks that their business faces. The company is headquartered in Stow, Ohio at 600 Alpha Parkway.

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About Binary Defense

Binary Defense is a Managed Detection and Response service provider and software developer with a Managed Open XDR model covering endpoint, network, cloud, and other log sources to supply high-fidelity threat detections. When paired with its advanced Threat Hunting, Counterintelligence, Digital Risk Protection, and Incident Response services, the company offers a comprehensive enterprise defense portfolio.

Binary Defense demonstrates conclusive proof of superior capabilities in detecting intruder activity and this rapid detection combined with expert analysis and response decreases cyber risk for businesses.

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