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Binary Defense Launches “ARC Labs,” a New Threat Research Unit Focused on Proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence

A recognized leader in threat intelligence and threat hunting, Binary Defense is expanding its capabilities with a new dedicated Threat Research Team, focused on emerging and evolving threats. The company also appointed former IBM X-Force executive John Dwyer as the new Director of Security Research.

April 9, 2024

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CLEVELAND–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Binary Defense, the trusted Managed Detection and Response (“MDR”) and enterprise defense provider, today announced the launch of ARC Labs, a new threat research group utilizing Binary Defense’s unique attacker’s mindset in threat intelligence, threat hunting and detection engineering to proactively identify the top emerging cyber threats. The company also announced the appointment of John Dwyer, formerly the Head of Research at IBM X-Force, who will lead ARC Labs as the company’s new Director of Security Research.

ARC Labs serves as the nexus of advanced research, data analysis and content creation, aimed at empowering security professionals, enhancing Binary Defense capabilities and advancing industry collaboration. With a mission to drive meaningful change in the fight against cyber threats, ARC Labs represents Binary Defense’s commitment to delivering world-class security solutions and thought leadership to the security community.

“Advanced threat research has been at the heart of this company since it was founded a decade ago – and with ARC Labs, we are taking this to a whole new level,” said David Kennedy, Co-Founder and Chief Hacking Officer of Binary Defense. “We intend to set the standard for actionable threat intelligence that truly empowers organizations by providing them with early warnings that can stave off actual threats. Given his exceptional track record in threat research, we are excited to have John drive this initiative forward.”

Cutting-Edge Threat Research

Binary Defense ARC Labs identifies, researches and reports on emerging and persistent cybersecurity threats to provide actionable intelligence on threat actor behavior, attack techniques and contributing risk factors for enterprises. This research enables organizations to enhance their security posture and stay one step ahead of potential cyber risks.

“At ARC Labs, our vision is to be the premier center of excellence in security operations innovation, where cutting-edge research, data-driven insights and dynamic content creation converge to shape the future of digital defense,” said Dwyer. “We strive to empower organizations worldwide with advanced tools, knowledge and strategies to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats, fostering a safer and more resilient digital ecosystem for all.”

The new research unit offers several key benefits to companies:

  • Research & Analysis: In-depth analysis and data mining on security trends, emerging threats and adversary tactics. Through its research initiatives, ARC Labs uncovers actionable insights to fortify defenses and stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.
  • Technical Enhancement: Develop advanced detection techniques and leverage cutting-edge technologies such as big data analysis, natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). ARC Labs’ aim is to provide clients with the most effective tools and strategies to detect, respond to and mitigate cyber threats.
  • Industry Collaboration: Share rapid threat intelligence, actionable risk reduction tactics and timely updates on emerging threats with clients and the broader security industry. By fostering collaboration and sharing knowledge, ARC Labs contributes to a safer digital landscape for all.

Veteran Threat Researcher to Lead the New Effort

In his new role as Director of Security Research at Binary Defense, Dwyer will spearhead ARC Labs – leading a team of experienced security researchers focused on adversary trend analysis, threat hunting, detection engineering and incident response.

Dwyer will also oversee Binary Defense’s broader research efforts, intelligence sharing and public disclosures, while coordinating with the company’s Threat Hunting, Threat Intelligence and Counterintelligence teams.

A prominent figure in the security industry, Dwyer was recently selected to participate in an upcoming security panel at RSAC on the rise of AI-engineered threats (“FUD vs. Reality: Bracing for an AI-Powered Threat Landscape,” Thursday, May 9th).

Dwyer brings over 15 years of advanced security and technology experience, with an extensive background in incident response, threat hunting, security content creation and adversary operational analysis. Prior to joining Binary Defense, he served as the Head of Research for IBM X-Force, where he oversaw the successful execution of research and development initiatives for incident response, threat hunting and extracting and publishing noteworthy events and trends from incident data. Dwyer has also made several contributions to the security community through his creation of the X-Force MFT Detection and Response Toolkit and the Open Threat Hunt Framework (OTHF), which provides practical guidelines for developing and maturing an effective threat hunting program. He also previously served as a researcher at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and as a systems engineer at Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute.

For more information about ARC Labs, visit, or meet the company at upcoming security conferences, such as RSAC and Black Hat.

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