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Joe McMann

Head of Portfolio and Solution Strategy

As Binary Defense Head of Cyber Portfolio and Solution Strategy, Joe McMann is leading the development, enhancement, and integration of Binary Defense’s capabilities and services to help clients defend their enterprise and improve their cybersecurity posture. 

Joe is an enterprise defender at heart, with 15+ years supporting the mission of helping organizations defend their enterprise and secure their business. Building security programs for some of the largest companies across the world has given him a global perspective and insights into the challenges of security at scale, but Joe also remains passionate about front-line cybersecurity operations.   

This passion began in the early 2000s when Joe joined the newly formed Lockheed Martin Computer Incident Response Team and grew through the next decade as he conducted activities across intrusion analysis, digital forensics, enterprise scale incident response, and threat intelligence fusion. Joe leveraged those experiences and skills to lead organizations across the US government and F500 in cybersecurity program transformations to improve their posture and address ever-changing threats. 

Joe has held leadership positions in multiple facets of cybersecurity across Lockheed Martin, Leidos, and Capgemini; combining his practical delivery expertise with a strategic GTM approach. Most recently he served as the Global Cybersecurity Portfolio Lead for Capgemini, where he designed and built services and solutions for a $500M global cybersecurity business. 

Joe lives in northern Virginia with his wife and two daughters whom he enjoys cheering on in sports and other school activities. 

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