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OJ Cherry

Chief Sales Officer

As Chief Sales Officer, OJ Cherry leverage his extensive industry knowledge to enhance customer value, drive sales strategies and oversee the global sales team. 

As a seasoned Sales Executive with 17 years of experience in cybersecurity, OJ has extensive knowledge of the industry and the needs of both Enterprise and Mid-Market customers. Prior to his role at Binary Defense, OJ served a Vice President of Sales for Sophos, where he led the teams responsible for Sophos’ largest global and mid-sized organizations.  

Throughout his tenure at Sophos, he played a pivotal role in protecting tens of thousands of customers, executing an industry best Channel-First strategy, and leading teams that solved complex security challenges. OJ’s expertise spans Next-Gen Endpoint, MDR, Cloud Security and complex services.  

His leadership was instrumental in achieving outstanding results, including multiple team and individual awards including the #1 Global Sales Rep and top performing Global sales team. Cherry’s commitment to understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by organizations in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape is evident in his track record of innovation and excellence. 

OJ Cherry