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Product Release Notification: Binary Defense MDR Dashboard Update

MDR Server Version 2.138

Binary Defense will be releasing a new version of MDR next week. This release features a redesigned MDR dashboard that provides a visual display of important security metrics with an at-a-glance view into real-time, informative, and actionable information about the threat level and security status of your organization.

The new design is based on customer feedback and provides several widgets that show a quick summary of the most relevant security details of your environment with the ability to drill down into more details. The widget topics  include: Alarms Overview, Top Alarm Types Detected, Assets Overview, Alarms Over Time, Asset Bandwidth Comparison and Top Bandwidth Usage by Asset.  



The new widgets simplify highly complex data into effective, on-point risk visuals including: 

Alarms OverviewIn one click, filter through alarms that analysts have analyzed and escalated over the past 24 hours, as well as the most “talkative” assets. After you click on the Alarms Overview you can drill into the alarm type, asset, time the alarm was open and closed, who closed the alarm and the reason. 

Top Alarm Types Detected Check out your most frequent alarms over the past seven-day period to better understand what is happening in your environment. 

Assets Overview Gain a better understand of your entire asset fleet with this aggregate snapshot of assets broken down by operating system, version, containment status, communication history, and update status. 

Alarms Over Time Spot trends and anomalies in your alarm activity with this easy-to-understand graph that shows aggregate alarm activity over time. 

See the MDR Dashboard Data Sheet for more details. We are confident you will appreciate the productivity and visibility improvements to the dashboard and welcome your input for future product or service improvements. Please submit your ideas to [email protected].