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Detecting Ransomware’s Stealthy Boot Configuration Edits

Written By: Binary Defense Threat Researcher @shade_vx This blog post focuses on threat hunting …

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War in Ukraine and Its Impact on Hackers

The Russian invasion of Ukraine started on February 24th, and no one was left indifferent. Cybercriminals are divided …


Breaking Down Password Storage Breakdowns

Written By: Kim McAloon Hunting for Password Files on Endpoints As part of the Okta compromise, it was announced …


Dark Web Reactions to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Tensions continue to escalate around the globe as the world watches Ukraine fight off a Russian invasion. Several …


Take Stock of Cyber Risk in Light of Russian Cyber Activity

Many leaders in enterprise information security and IT operations organizations are taking stock of the potential for risk …


Scams for Scans: QR Codes See Surge in Popularity, As Well As Fraud

We ignored them for years, but it looks like the QR code may be here to stay. “QR” …


2022: Expect the unexpected as cyberattacks continue to target organizations

Headline-grabbing attacks such as Solarwinds, Kaseya, Colonial Pipeline, JBS Foods and the Log4j vulnerability kept infosec professionals on …