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Analysis of Hancitor – When Boring Begets Beacon

Author: Brandon George What is Hancitor? Hancitor is a well-known malware loader that has …

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Threat Hunting AWS CloudTrail with Sentinel: Part 2

Detecting S3 Bucket Attack   By Sean Fernandez | Threat Researcher | Binary Defense   In part 2 of the blog series, Threat Hunting AWS CloudTrail with Sentinel, …


Threat Hunting AWS CloudTrail with Sentinel: Part 1

Part 1: Intro to Threat Hunting AWS CloudTrail with Sentinel By Sean Fernandez | Threat Researcher | Binary …


The Inside Scoop: Binary Defense Employees’ Advice to Cybersecurity Newbs

To wrap up this year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we asked a handful of our employees for advice they …


Solarmarker: By Any Other Name (Mars-Deimos part 3)

Note: this post was originally shared on by a member of the Binary Defense Team. In order to ensure …


Getting the Board on Board with Cybersecurity

With a heightened focus on keeping businesses safe from cyberattacks, particularly due to high-profile ransomware and third-party vendor …


Mimicking Human Activity using Selenium and Python

Intro The Binary Defense threat hunting team are experts on today’s threat actor groups. In addition to monitoring …