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Binary Defense Named A Leader

“While most MDR vendors think like defenders, Binary Defense differentiates by starting with the attackers’ perspective as the foundation for its MDR offering.”
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Strengthen your endpoint security

Most businesses don’t have the tools, time or budget to properly protect against cyberattacks. According to a 2020 Ponemon report, the average time to detect a data breach is 280 days. During the time that attackers are in your system, they can be deploying malware, stealing intellectual property, and accessing the employee and customer personal and financial data. This can cost an organization millions of dollars to recoup the losses. However, with the right technology and monitoring in place, the time to detect an attack can be greatly reduced, saving an organization from losses of data and revenue.

Binary Defense Managed Detection & Response uses a human-driven, technology-assisted approach to alleviate an organization’s gaps in security and shield its customers from cyberattacks. Our Security Operations Task Force proactively identifies threats, investigates alerts and recommends remediation steps to help contain the threat.

Reduce your time to detect a cyberattack

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“Replacing antivirus and antimalware was not much more money for a much-improved service. It was pretty much a no-brainer to go with Binary Defense.”

IT/Security Manager, Marketing Agency

Work with an MDR Leader

According to the Forrester Wave Managed Detection and Response, Q1 2021 report, Binary Defense demonstrated superior capabilities in the following MDR criteria:


Managed Detection

“Detecting intruder activity well before clients could and provides clear, detailed contextual information detailing severity, impact and concerns that incorporate above-average external knowledge of threat actor TTPs.”

Threat Intelligence

“Binary Defense demonstrates superior organic threat intelligence collection capabilities leading to substantial improvements in detection time frames…”

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Product Vision

“Clear plan to ensure approach to service delivery would satisfy future buyer needs.”

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MITRE ATT&CK framework

“Superior improvements in detection engineering and the overall detection and response process across a wide range of adversary TTPs.”

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Vision and Milestones

“Clear understanding of buyer needs … successful plan to continually address those needs.”

National recognition from a trusted source

Binary Defense was also recognized as a representative vendor in the Gartner Market Guide for Managed Detection & Response (August 2020). In the guide, Gartner notes that security professionals should “use MDR services to add remotely delivered modern 24/7 security operations center functions in a turnkey approach” to extend or augment an organization’s internal team. Noting that around 50% of organizations will be using MDR by the year 2025, Gartner also mentions that successful MDR vendors should have “a focus on high-fiedlity threat detection and validation, geared toward attacks that have bypassed preventative security controls.”

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Over the past 18 months we have come to rely on their expertise to keep our endpoints safe and constantly monitored for compromise. Their SOC is first class and do a thorough job with analysis, whitelisting and alerting us of potential problems.”

Gartner Review
CEO, Services Industry

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Better detection equals better protection

Many organizations deploy solutions such as antivirus and firewalls to mitigate known malware strains. However, the threats currently being developed by hacking groups are able to bypass these security measures. Behavior-based detection is a cybersecurity practice that flags any suspicious activity on employee’s workstations and servers, where 70% of breaches begin. Binary Defense MDR can immediately detect abnormal behavior, communicating with our customers right away when a threat needs to be investigated. With this information, our customers can remediate and triage infected machines, reducing detection and response time significantly. This could help reduce costs of a potential breach.

The Forrester WaveTM Managed Detection and Response, Q1 2021 report gave Binary Defense managed detection a 5 out of a possible 5. The executive summary report states that “compared with others in this assessment, Binary Defense demonstrates conclusive proof of superior capabilities in detecting intruder activity well before clients could.”

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Binary Defense CTO, David Kennedy, explores the concept of “known good” or “allow-listing” to detect behavioral anomalies in organizations’ networks.


Managed Detection & Response Benefits

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Rapid Deployment

Gain instant visibility to your environment in less than 24 hours with minimal user impact

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Immediate Detection

We analyze risk factors and deploy threat countermeasures within seconds of going live

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24x7x365 Monitoring

Our dedicated team of analysts monitor your network every second of every day

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Active Defense

We use deception technology to detect and secure any vulnerable points in your network

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Custom Reporting

Our dashboard provides a complete look at on-premises and cloud-based resource metrics 

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Customer Satisfaction

Our solutions have a 100% satisfaction rating and a 91 Net Promoter Score overall

Endpoint protection without management is not enough

It takes a team of real people detecting real threats in real time to catch the threats that antivirus and standalone endpoint protection platforms often miss. Many internal teams don’t have the bandwidth to monitor endpoints, let alone do so during the off hours when many attacks occur.

The Binary Defense Security Operations Task Force is comprised of experienced security analysts who act as an extension of our team to monitor 24/7/365 for threats.

Binary Defense Managed Detection & Response uses a human-driven, technology-assisted approach to alleviate an organization’s gaps in security and shield its customers from cyberattacks. Our Security Operations Task Force proactively identifies threats, investigates alerts and recommends remediation steps to help contain the threat.

See our Security Operations Center in Action.

"I haven't seen another product that combines the visibility that Binary Defense MDR offers with the response times of the SOC"

Mike Saunders, Principal Consultant in Information Security

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